10 ‘Must-Have’ Outfits for a Women’s Wardrobe

10 ‘Must-Have’ Outfits for a Woman’s Wardrobe

Luxury of clothing options is something we women are blessed with. In result, we get our closet flooded with items that are worn hardly once or twice. But, that should not be the case, if you want to stand in the queue of smart shoppers.

We look through celebrity styles and street wears and came with a list of clothes that will surprise you with versatility and is never going out of fashion. Whether you are remodeling a capsule wardrobe or just on the hunt for glamorous styles, these 10 outfits are a must have:

1. A White T-shirt

A white t-shirt is the foundation of a classic wardrobe. Whether you pair it with a fancy skirt, pair of jeans, or a slip dress, it always comes out as treasure. We can’t think of a closet without white-tee. Throw a glamorous or a simple casual look, the choice is completely yours, it won’t cease to surprise you.

2. Black Blazer

Whenever you need an extra something to get the best office look, blazers come handy. Winter or summer, if the look is pulled together the right way, you can rock it anytime. For office wear, layer it over shirts and pants. Whereas for a glamorous evening party appearance, throw it over a cocktail dress. Taylor Swift could be your ultimate inspiration when pairing blazers.

3. A White Button Down

Just like a white tee, a white button down is compulsory for a capsule wardrobe. Perfect for the days, when you have to maintain the decency of your attire but don’t feel like it. Branch out with jeans, black pants or a simple skirt, the outcome will be unbeatable. Layering it will also be a good step. Go for blazers, shrugs, and long coats, depending on the weather.

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4. The Little Black Dress

Being a lady, one can’t think of a closet without that perfect Little Black Dress. If you haven’t found yours yet, go on the hunt now. Select from bodycon, skater style or wrap styles depending on what flatters your body. For maximum versatility, buy one in matte fabric and keep changing the look according to different occasions. There is plenty of room for accessorizing, so explore all your options.

5. Dungarees

Once looked upon as an industrial work wear, this 90s staple is today’s sign of coolness. So, if you want to be that crazy fashionista who inspires the cool girl fashion in your college or group, this is for you. Dungarees are open for all your scandalous tops. Get one in denim and it can be paired with t-shirts, button-downs, crop tops, as well as turtlenecks. Stick to a little baggy one as it gives a more classic look.

6. Kaftan Dresses

If you ever want to explore your free spirit get into a kaftan dress. Made up of flowy fabrics and blowy fit, it is considered the best for warm weather.  Also, nothing can match bikinis on the beaches other than kaftans dresses. Blake Lively, the Olsen Twins, and even Queen Noor of Jordan have been seen in effortlessly chic kaftans. We consider it a multi-utility garment, so get one now to suit your taste.

7. Maxi Dresses

In addition to the LBD, maxi dresses are also a must-have for every woman. The best thing about these dresses is they fit all body sizes. Despite major body changes, they will continue looking good on you. Although these dresses are associated with just summer weathers, it can get you through the entire year in comfort. Just match them up with the right accessories and voila!

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8. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits let you feel both retro and modern at the same time. Just get into it, zip it and you are good to go anywhere. You can have it in different fabrics, including silk, sequin, cotton, and even polyester. As they come with the endless possibilities of styling, you can jog it through casual wear as well as work wear. While shopping, pick one that comes comfortably to you and flatters your body type. Floral Jumpsuits and women’s black jumpsuit are in fashion these days, so make sure you have one.

9. Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are no more about just wedding. Get the right one and you can flaunt it from beaches to Sunday brunches. We saw Miranda Kerr and Taylor swift in super classy lace dresses and guess what? They were just running daily errands in it.  Shop from the ever-flattering range of Eva Trends, they have a perfect lace dress for every occasion.

10. Black Trousers

Needless to say, one perfect pair of black trousers that goes with every top in your wardrobe can make or break your day. It can make you look like a power women when paired with blazers, and a sexy chip when topped with shimmer upper. Get one that hugs your leg just like the second skin and it will go a long way.

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