Why Do You Required a Web Hosting?

Today everyone is taking the advantage of internet marketing by bringing their business online. Now, for the same one should have to build their company’s or business website to address their audience worldwide.

The very first step for building a website is to decide the domain name and to host the website on the webserver. Do you know why web hosting is required?

Today, billions or millions of websites exist on the internet and web hosting plays a very crucial role so that all these websites function properly.

Let us understand in brief how web hosting works and why we need web hosting for our websites.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that will provide you a rented space on the server where you can reside your website. With this, you can enable users to access your website on any browser on the world wide web.

Why Web Hosting is Required?

To run your Website you need a server on the web that will store all information on your website. You may think why web hosting is required to run our website on the worldwide web?

You can host your website on your own internet or PC and make a server. But practically it is quite a costly affair (24×7 internet/server/electricity charges)

That is why web hosting services exist. Web hosting is the backbone of the internet industry. They maintain large or powerful servers that will store and serve your website all across the internet. Using a very powerful connection, these web hosting providers connect your web pages to the internet browsers. Therefore, it enables various users to access your website at the same time. And also it will cost less as compared to hosting a website manually. This is why you need web hosting for your website.

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The main reason why web hosting is required to put your website in the first place to reach out to your targeted audience. If you have any services or products that you want to promote or sell, you have to find your niche-related users.

You need to go one step ahead of your competitors to get huge traffic or users from the same market on your website. If your website is not available online then your customers will not reach you.

Therefore, it is important to host your website that helps in your marketing by having your website online all time. Web hosting is important when you decide to have an online business.


Web hosting companies also provide value-added services along with webspace. These services vary from company to company but most of them provide similar services. These are Domain registration and provision of email.

How Does Web Hosting Works?

Now you are familiar with why web hosting is required for your website. Let us understand how it works?

Firstly, choose your niche related domain for your website and register with a web hosting service provider. Now, the technical part of web hosting that works together, i.e. where you set the DNS(Domain Name Server) information for your domain address.

When someone types the domain name into their web browser, then it follows the DNS address linked to your website’s domain name. The DNS address informs the browser about the IP address that you have subscribed to the web hosting service provider.

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To locate the server that stores the data files of your website, the web browser uses that information. It accesses the data files and then shows them on the user’s browser.

Web Hosting: Different types according to different needs

There are millions of users using different web hosting services and different people have different requirements. Hence there are different types of web hosting services that can meet the requirements of different users (right from a basic user to an advanced user). These hosting types are briefly discussed as follows:

Shared Web Hosting: This is the service where many websites are hosted on one server connected to the internet. This is the most cost-effective hosting, as the total server maintenance cost is divided over many customers.

VPS Web Hosting: Virtual Web Hosting allows the user to share allocated segments of RAM, space, and CPU.

Dedicated Web Hosting: In this service, a complete physical server with all the resources are dedicated to a single user.

Cloud Web Hosting: Cloud Hosting offers multiple remote servers. Therefore, if one server is in trouble, another server will automatically pick up the slack.

WordPress Web Hosting: This hosting is mainly for WordPress optimization as CMS( content management system).

Reseller Web Hosting: This is not for everyone, you buy hosting from a web hosting provider and then resell it to your customers or clients.

We hope, this article will help you in understanding why web hosting is required and how it works. You may also check the best web hosting services 2021 and their comparison before choosing any hosting plan for your website.

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