Things You Must Consider for Safer Online Banking

Almost every person today uses online banking to pay their bills, shop online, transfer funds to another account, create a fixed deposit, online banking allows you to do this is a very nice and convenient manner. Online Banking involves a lot of risks too as you might have already heard about people`s account being hacked and they losing their money. So how safe are you doing online banking? Here we are telling some important things one must consider while using online banking.

An account with two-factor authentication

Almost all banks today offer their customers this two-factor authentication account. This not only keeps your account safe once but it keeps it safe twice. Supposedly if someone gets access to your account no. and password and use it to get access to your online banking account a one-time password (OTP) would be sent to your registered mobile number confirming that you in person are logging into your account. Without entering this OTP password it won’t allow anyone or you as well to log into your account.

If you have an email that is stuffed with spammy emailers, this is the time to deactivate it and create a fresh email and keep it secure from spammers by not telling it to an unknown person. Here’s the NordVPN guide to delete Gmail to help you out in this task.

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Change your password regularly

One should firstly create a very strong password for his online bank account. This can be achieved by making it a long one with the use of upper and lower-case letters along with numbers and special digits which makes it more difficult for someone to actually guess it and get access to your account. Do not use common phrases such as your name or your date-of-birth. Keep changing your password every month or so in order to further protect your account.

Always login from a secure system

If you access your bank account from your Android phone or from your laptop make sure both have licensed anti-virus software so that your system remains safe from viruses as well as from hackers trying to gain access to your system. Make sure when you are accessing a site from your system, the URL of the site should begin with ‘https’ which states that you are accessing your account over an encrypted connection using an SSL certificate.

Now, Most of the banking websites are certified with Extended Validation SSL which help to identify website is genuine and verified for online transactions. You can see signs of security in browser address bar such as the green padlock, https and Organization name with country code. After you complete your work, make sure that you log out of your online banking session which saves you from cross-site scripting exploits.

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Never share your details with anyone

People contacting you via email or phone calls asking you to tell them your account no. and password for different reasons and stating themselves as people of the bank are frauds. Your financial institution can ask you to answer a security question but will never ask you about your account PINs or passwords, so be aware. No financial institution will ever ask you about your login details, so whenever you receive such emails or calls, immediately contact your bank regarding this, if in doubt.

Monitor your accounts regularly

After you make a transaction from your account, check your account so that the right amount has been deducted or not. If you see any anomalies, immediately contact your bank and tell them about it. One should also check his bank statements regularly or your account online as if there are any unauthorized transactions one can easily seem them there.

One should always keep in mind about tips in order to keep his account safe and enjoy the pleasure of online banking without suffering. Online banking is indeed a boon for people like us who are way too busy in their professional lives.

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