Sun, Sea, Sand: Life in Manly

After the global lockdown, one must surely be itching with the bites of the travel bug. Restrictions have been lifted in some places across the world, but the cases were negligible in Australia, making it a safe haven for tourists. Partake in the breathtaking views from the Sydney Opera House to the enchanting waterfront Manly restaurants, a trip to remember.


A vista-filled ferry ride away from Sydney is the exotic haven of Manly Cove, drenched in the vacation vibe. A perfect place to unwind, you can sink your toes into the sandy carpets of Manly’s Shelly Beach. Along the coastline, you could chill by the pubs or experience the wonderful waterfront Manly restaurants lining the beach. The breathtaking blues of the sky and sea will perfectly complement any dish you order.

Manly’s beaches offer another unique experience in the form of Fairy Bower Sea Pool. A human-made swimming pool cordoned from the sea by rocks. A perfect way to whet your appetite before kick-starting your Manly travelogue.


If it’s thrills you seek, Manly impresses any adrenaline junkie looking to take off the edge. Manly is world renown for it’s crashing waves that are any surfer’s dream. You could enrol in the surf school for a short course and surf the crests like a pro in no-time. The adventure seeker can also take a cycle tour of Manly or go snorkelling.

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Surrounded by trees and the sea, Manly offers a soul-lifting view from above and below. One could try tackling the spit walk – A leisurely stroll across Manly’s many well-known monuments, like the aboriginal rock or the bird’s eye view of Shelly Beach.

Another stunning waterside locale that would be a cool addition to your afternoon is the Manly Dam, where you could go fishing or explore Manly in a Kayak.


For the cultural traveller, Manly provides stunning sights, both natural and historical. Housing its own art gallery and museum, Manly offers culture lovers a fix of their own while being situated in a geographically stunning landscape, filled with awe-inspiring natural and man-made formations.

Some notable relics are the Wormhole or the remnants of the Aborigines. This includes the carvings present in rock formations and the artifacts they have left behind that have been displayed in the Manly Art Gallery and Museum.

Or you could take a visit to the Quarantine Station from the 1800s and plunge into a spooky experience, appropriate for today’s world scenario.


Touring shopaholics can find their poison in the Manly Markets. They have a wide range of handcrafted products and merchandise ranging from home-made cosmetics to jewellery and adornments that are the emblem of Manly’s heart and soul. You could find the perfect memorabilia to carry a part of Manly with you back home.

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Whichever you choose to enjoy, your evening must culminate in a sublime sunset view from the Manly waterfront restaurants on the Wharf to complete the experience of Manly Cove. Manly offers something to every traveller, be it a history geek, thrill-seeker, or a mellow vacationer. Manly portrays the quintessential Australian experience of rugged nature combined with human excellence in history, culture, cuisine, and adventure.

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