Should You DIY Fix a Roof Leak? The Answer Is NO

Should You DIY Fix a Roof Leak? The answer is NO

DIY projects are a great way to improve your skills and develop your imagination. However, when it comes to more complex and demanding projects such as construction works or home repairs and maintenance, it’s best if you let the professionals jump in. Not only will you have the problem solved quickly and flawlessly, but you’ll also be out of harm’s way. Therefore, if you’ve thought about fixing your roof leaks on your own, here’s why you should not even consider it.

You do not have the tools or the expertise

Professional roofing tools go beyond your typical toolbox supplies, which is why you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. Chances are, you’re only equipped with a few hammers, screwdrivers and possibly spare shingles, so you wouldn’t be able to fix it properly even if you tried. Heat welding, repair kits, siding and gutter tools are all the essentials a roofing professional will have, along with safety supplies, which is why you should leave all the hard work precisely to them. If you lack the right tools, the repair won’t be effective, and you could potentially cause the water to drip into various gaps, and through the ceiling.

No expertise causes more problems

Experienced roofers of Evanston know exactly where to look for a problem and they can detect it easily, so if you lack that expertise you won’t be able to know how big the problem is, or if you’ve actually managed to fix it. Thanks to the hands-on training and numerous roof fixing, experienced repairmen will spot a potential weak spot, a leak, cracked areas, and any other sign the roof needs replacement, in a matter of seconds. Some roof damages are not visible to an untrained eye so you can miss other signs of more serious issues if you try to fix the leak on your own.

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You can make the problem worse

Roof leaks are one of the most common house maintenance problems in Australia, and many people in Perth think that just because they’re skilful at other home repairs and DIY projects, that they should deal with more complex problems like roof leaks. However, the lack of expertise and experience can potentially cause much worse problems, that could cost you more money than the original issue would. That’s why you shouldn’t try to deal with the leak yourself, but look for professional roof and gutter repairs instead, and have the problem fixed quickly and efficiently, at a very affordable price. Don’t risk getting the entire section of the roof blown away by the next strong wind, just because you thought you were competent enough to replace the missing shingles. You’ll only make the surrounding shingles lose, which will cause more harm than good.

Safety concerns

Roof inspection, cleaning or repair is quite dangerous if you do not have the safety supplies. The roof can be too slanted or higher than you originally thought it was, which puts you in immediate danger. You have no experience in climbing the roofs, and it’s a very unpredictable terrain where you could easily lose balance, trip or slip, so you should think twice before climbing up there to fix the leaks. From faulty equipment, a sudden gust of winds to brief summer showers, early morning dew, and pesky insects, various unforeseen circumstances can cause falls making you injure yourself seriously. Also, falls are not the only safety problem you can face, but you could cut or bruise yourself as well, or even strain your back and twist your ankle.

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It can be expensive

DIY projects are a great way to save money, but that only applies to smaller ventures and the projects that you’re skilled in. Therefore, you need to leave the bigger problems to professionals, because it’s highly likely you’ll create an even bigger problem that will cost you more money and time than the original leak would. If you ask for professional roof repair services, you’ll get a warranty on most roofing materials, because that way the manufacturers will know that the materials were installed properly, and they won’t be held responsible for any further damage.  Don’t risk placing the tiles too loose and making them fall down with the next breeze, which could potentially cause a lot of damage to your car or another part of the home, but call professionals without even thinking twice about it.

Final thoughts

Roof repairs are not the most recommended DIY projects so it would be best if you turned to professionals if you spot leaks. Don’t risk injuring yourself, making the problem worse than it was and spending a ridiculous amount of money on fixing the issues that were originally not as complicated as you made it. Call professionals instead, and have the problem dealt with quickly, efficiently and with great care, knowing you have a warranty in case of any further issues.

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