Top 3 Tools of Online File Converter You Should Use

Online File Converter

File conversion can be easy for some people and can be intricate at the same time for those who are entirely unaware of the online tool converter platforms. The reason why online file converter tools are becoming the main necessity among the students and office people is all because of the fast pace of digitization in which you are looking ahead to let your file or folder be converted into different formats based on your easiness. 

Before you look for your specific tool, we will suggest you make a list of those entire tools which are free in their conversion processing. The primary benefit of free tools is that you can perform maximum conversions of the files and folders under some limitations. As a student, you cannot afford to buy the premium versions paid and have some advanced features in them. To help you a bit, we are jotting down with some top best converter tools in 2020 which you should be using right now without delay:

1. WonderShare best file converter:

On the first spot, we bring for you the Wondershare file tool converter! This converter platform has been reliably known to be among the best converters running for both educational and professional purposes. 

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This tool has become so much top-leading that you can easily use it at the OS platform. It is available in different file format options to pick the one which you can think suits best on your requirements. 

But here we would like to share a small downfall of this tool, which is about its working feature. This tool does not work with online access, and if you want to use it, you need to perform the first download. In the free version, advertisements do not appear, but in the paid version, they do appear in the middle of the conversion process. If you are availing the use of this tool for the first time, then the free trial session is also available for the users to learn the basic rules of this platform. 

2. OnlineConvertFree

Listing on the second spot, we bring for you an online converter, which is highly recommended! Well, we are talking about online convert free! This converter tool is although newly started ones, and hence it offers some friendly features for you to start your conversion process with a hassle-free outlook. The reason why this tool has become so much popular is all because of the advanced features which you can use in its free version. 

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Being the unique file converter tool is best for beginners because it has some simple features for which you do not need to put yourself in any tutorial guide plan. It often has a complete privacy policy that does not share the converted file with any other third party without your permission. You can use this tool best for the conversion of documents, videos, audios, PDF data, and eBooks. 

3. LightPDF

Over the third spot, we have a completely reliable tool which is LightPDF. There have been so many top successful browsers that have been using this tool in which we have Firefox and Chrome on the top. It has a quick method of file conversion and does not give your file with any watermark. It can work on Windows of Mac OS. This free converter is available in languages such as Chinese, English, Danish, and Finnish. 

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