Moving In Together: Tips on How to Merge Your Decor Style

It is a fabulous moment in a relationship when a couple decides to live together. Moving in together seems like a beginning of a fairy tale, the one in which two of you live happily ever after. However, first reality bites may start even before you unpack. It takes a lot of effort to keep things well between two people who share the same space, starting with the look of your home. Couples who share the same taste in things and have similar styles are lucky ones. And rare. Still, know that it is possible to create a beautiful home that will suit you both.

Plan, discuss and agree on basics before moving in

Once you find the perfect place, make sure to take all the measurements and put them on a piece of paper. Have fun with your partner and try to come up with a perfect layout that will work for both of you. Consider what you already have and find the right place for it. Try to accomplish an agreement on style, decor, and gender-neutral colours. Also, it is a perfect time, to be honest, and to name specific hideous items that both of you possess.

Learn to say goodbye

Look at what you have and re-evaluate your possessions. Perhaps it is time to get rid of some of them. Try not to be too sentimental, since it is most likely that an irrational, emotional attachment to material things is holding you back and making clutter in your home and your mind. Make room for new memories and new things. Both of you deserve a fresh start without the physical and emotional baggage in your new place.

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Search for your combined style together

Surf the Internet and go through interior design magazines together to figure out what is it that works for both of you. You are a couple, so there has to be something that you have in common which can influence your merged style. Keep in mind that most men are not really keen on spending hours on Pinterest, so try to narrow down style options as much as possible and let him make the final choice.

Allow personal stamps in designated areas

It is impossible to change your taste and style overnight, so make sure to have space within your home that reflects your personality without being too pushy or trying to take over the whole place. Create your sanctuary, whether it is in the home office, second bedroom or garage. Also, allow your partner to do the same.  It is not about making a man cave or lady lounge, but simply having a corner in your home with your aesthetic signature.

Focus on living spaces

Work as a team, especially when it comes to areas where you will be spending most of your time, like a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Find a way to make room for mutual hobbies and activities like setting up a home gym. A decent place for a workout requires some essential equipment, so take a break from style issues and instead of IKEA, check out some affordable Cyber Fit home gym packages. Couples that sweat together, stay together. Not only will it benefit your health, but also your relationship.

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Be open-minded

Although you have a perfectly developed sense of style, give your partner a chance and learn how to compromise. Many interior designs are an absurd combination of seemingly mismatched items and pieces of furniture, but it is a touch of balance and consistency that makes them gorgeous. Mixing different styles and influences can create wonders. Embrace the eclectic manner of your merging styles project.


Moving in together is a big step, and creating a beautiful home is a process. To make the best out of your relationship and your home, take time to adjust to the new situation and decorate your space as you go. Do not rush things and remember to enjoy, since this is a happy and exciting time for both of you.  As time goes by, things will start to fall into place, and the two of you will create a wonderful home.

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