How To Check Used Furniture for Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs

Used or second-hand furniture certainly have their appeal. Besides being a much cheaper option for new furniture, one can get unique furniture that does not exist anywhere else. As much as the pros of getting used furniture abound, there is the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home. This article will discuss all that you need to know about purchasing used furniture, the possibility of obtaining a bed bug infestation into your home, as well as how to check used furniture for bed bugs.

Why a Used Furniture Is An Attractive Option

You might wonder why people purchase used furniture instead of the “safer” option of going for new furniture. Below are some of the reasons why a used furniture is an attractive option for most homeowners. Check here:

  • Cost: Used furniture is usually relatively cheap. Sometimes, used furniture goes for less than half of the price of new furniture. This is why used furniture is the main focus of a lot of garage sales and charity shops. Furniture usually sold at such places includes tables, drawers, chairs, patio sets, mirrors, and more.
  • Perfect Items: Another reason homeowners shops use furniture is that they often come across perfect items. Some individuals put their furniture up for sale because they are moving away. For others, they have gotten a better replacement. In both cases, it is not necessarily because the furniture has any defects. If you are lucky enough, you can lay your hand on such items.
  • Environmental-Friendliness: Some owners go for used furniture because it is an eco-friendly option. Purchasing used furniture is a means of recycling and reduces the amount of waste released into the environment.
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What Are The Signs of Bed Bugs on Furniture?

There are sure signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs on used furniture. These signs are usually different depending on the stage of the bug.

  • Adult Bed Bugs: Adult bed bugs are the easiest to spot. They have a brownish colour very similar to rust and are typically as large as an apple seed.
  • Eggs: The eggs of bed bugs are usually harder to spot. Also, having a brown colour, they are very tiny and can only be seen on darker surfaces.
  • Markings: This refers to to the blood markings that are left behind by bed bugs. These markings always resemble black spots and can be seen on furniture.

How to Check Used Furniture For Bed Bugs

You can employ a DIY method when checking used furniture for bed bugs. The tools required are:

– Latex gloves

– Flashlight, as well as

– White sheet

– Credit card

  • Put on latex gloves to protect you from germs.
  • Please pick up the furniture and shake it onto the white sheet. Doing this, any adult bed bug hiding in the table will fall out.
  • Use the credit card to run through the cracks, creases, and edges of the furniture. This will help you to get rid of bugs or other insects.
  • Use your flashlight to check the dark corners of the furniture for more insects that might be hiding.
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If you are still not satisfied with your examination, you can contact a pest control company to carry out a thorough check.

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