Home Renovation Projects That Pay You Back

Home Renovation Projects That Pay You Back

It’s time for a change around your house. Upon doing some research (or watching a few home remodeling shows), you’ve found your dream renovations, but they aren’t exactly practical. Check out these projects that give you the change you want while putting money in your pocket later on.

  1. Quality Landscaping

People love looking at greenery, especially in urban areas. If you spruce up your yard a bit, when it comes time to sell your house, more people will be attracted to it because of the pretty exterior.

Not only will it help you in the long run, but it’ll help you save immediately, too. Properly planted shrubs can fight erosion and potential flood damage around your home. Trees can shade your home, increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner 10-50%, which saves you money on electricity during those hot summer months.

Trees can also help with the air quality and noise pollution around your neighborhood by potentially blocking out 50% of the noise you’re used to hearing. Sturdy trees also protect your structures from damaging storms.

  1. Kitchen Upgrades

If your kitchen needs remodeling, you could benefit from an upgrade. Replacing old appliances with energy-saving ones can save about 20% of the energy usage. When it comes to selling, kitchen upgrades have a return on investment of around 80%.

Most people today look for a deep double sink, air-conditioned eating area, and a walk-in pantry. To maintain an ideal temperature at your eating space, you should install ducted air conditioning Sydney.

  1. Additional Space

The average home has just over 1,900 square feet, and now buyers want more. They’re looking at around 2,200 square feet. If you’re adding on some extra space, consider adding a basement, a second story, or even a garage.

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If you are planning to add the second story at your house, then do not forget to consider ducted air conditioning Installation. Adding just 1,000 additional square feet can boost the selling price of your home 30%. You’ll get your use out of it, and it pays off in the long run!

  1. Exterior Home Remodeling

If plants aren’t your forte, and you’re not interested in adding more space or changing what you use every day, how about reviving what is outside? Replacing just the siding can give your house a whole new look and secure about an 80% return on investment when you go to sell. Consider a steel door! It’ll bring back its entire worth when you sell your home!

Home remodeling shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so do your research and find out what you want and how you can do it better. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances or adding some greenery can help out the environment and your wallet.

  1. Replacing Your Siding

When you want to boost your property value, a natural step to take is to give the home’s exterior a nice new touch. Most homes are in dire need of new, more sightly siding materials.

There are a lot of homes that have got retro materials-and we don’t use “retro” in the hip. The definite way that applies elsewhere-that are falling apart, and that look, well, old and ugly!

A few common examples of such materials would include old aluminum and vinyl, which have a way of looking dull and decrepit in a short space of time. The most basic of all measures of a home’s value, also known as “curb appeal.

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If you want to upgrade home and boost its appeal to potential buyers, then you could consider changing out these outdated materials. You should choose new alternatives, including brick, stone, hardwood, or any of these in veneer form-a a smart way to get the right looks.

But not pay the full price for such materials; even new vinyl siding materials, which are more resistant and pleasant to the eye, would be a good buy.

  1. Replacing Old Windows

If the siding could be considered the skin of your home, then surely the windows would have to be its eyes-and notwithstanding the whole “in the eye of the beholder” expression. The eyes will have a massive impact on the perceived beauty of a home and therefore, its value.

Replacing windows is a great way to renew the appeal of a home and to possibly add new wooden beams, install a porch, or include prettier wood in the windows themselves.

On top of all this, the windows of a home are a vital ingredient in its overall insulation system and new window models are (in the case of Energy Star rated windows, at least) much better at providing heating and cooling efficiency.

This boosted efficiency will make the home cheaper and more comfortable to live in, and that will necessarily involve a direct boost towards the house’s market value. Not having to put up with cold drafts in the winter and hot drafts in the summer will pay off, in a very literal sense!

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