6 Thrilling Options for Family Adventures in Australia

Family Adventures in Australia

With its stunning nature, unique ecosystem, some of the most beautiful cities in the world, and harsh but breathtaking inner continent, Australia was always seen as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

As a matter of fact, the list of things to do is so long that you can easily get yourself lost and miss out on some of the biggest draws.

That is why we have compiled a shortlist for a very thrilling but still family-friendly first visit to the Land Down Under. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off.

Pay a visit to a Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system that consists of more than 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands to explore. In short, the entire area is incredibly beautiful, and, as you can expect, stacked with family-friendly activity options. Paying a visit to Cairns Botanic Gardens, taking a hike along the Four Mile Beach, enjoying the scenic Kuranda railway, snorkeling with your family at Airlie Beach Lagoon, and enjoying marine life at Cairns Aquarium are only some of the notable mentions.

Get to know the Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal Australians are the various indigenous peoples that still inhabit the Australian mainland as well as some of the nearby islands. Getting to know their culture, art, music, storytelling, dance, artifacts, and customs is an opportunity to grow, expand your horizons, and get in touch with some times long lost. It’s definitely something you want to share with your most loved ones, especially the kids. And the best place to do it is the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Centre located in Cairns, Northern Queensland.

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Explore the great city of Sydney

Although Brisbane takes the privilege of being Australia’s capital, Sydney stands as its undisputed crown jewel. This city is a gift that keeps on giving. The opera house is probably one of the most iconic landmarks on the entire planet, the walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (for kids ages 10 and older), and Sydney Aquarium is the match made in heaven for smaller kids. Of course, there it’s always possible to simply rent a boat in Sydney and enjoy the city from the seaside. Any way you take it, you’ll have tons of fun.

Enjoy traditional Australian bushwalking

Essentially, “bushwalking” is an Australian term for hiking. It refers to a trip through the lush areas of dense vegetation and intact wildlands. And boy, does Australia have a lot to offer in this regard. The entire continent is riddled with exciting trails spread across the entire continent where your family can enjoy the local wildlife and beautiful natural surroundings. Still, we would like to single out the Ayers Rock trail in the Northern Territory that gives you an opportunity to climb this awesome sandstone formation and get one of the best vistas in your life.

Soak in the sun at some of the beautiful beaches

If your family enjoys this sort of fun, Australia is the place to spend your upcoming winter vacations (remember, Down Under, winter lasts from December till February). Now, counting down all the awesome beaches you can find here would take an entire article, so we will go for the safe bet and recommend Bondi Beach as one of the single most cosmopolitan places you can find in the world. Anything you like, ranging from open yoga classes to whale watching – you can find it here.

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Enjoy the ride along the Grand Pacific Drive

This is one of the excellent funky family road trips you can take across Australia if you make Sydney your base of operations. What makes this place so special? Well, it is one of the most famous and spectacular coastal routes in the entire world that takes you through all along the scenic hiking regions to some of the most dramatic landscapes you will ever lay your eyes on. This is also a great opportunity to visit the Royal National Park – the world’s second oldest national park with some very scenic hiking trails.

We hope you enjoy this short breakdown of Australia’s most interesting family-friendly places to visit on your next vacation. Australia is a country that mesmerizes the visitors and keeps them coming back for more. But, you have to start your adventure somewhere. Now, you have a couple of good starting points.

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