Features to look in an ISP before buying broadband plans

      Essential Qualities to look in an ISP before buying broadband plans

If you are looking for broadband plans in Delhi, you need to look around a bit to make the right choice. The internet was not a household necessity 20 years back. Whoever had internet at home would find the online games and sites something to flaunt to their friends. But now, with the rapid globalization of the world, not having internet at home is a bizarre thing. It is not a luxury but an indispensable part of life now. So, we must always have an active internet connection where we stay. Now before you start looking for the best of unlimited broadband plans in Delhi, let’s clear a few things out.

Why use a broadband

One good thing about the increased demand for the internet is that now the internet is available cheaply, and every mobile network carrier offers decent internet packages. The country is catching up with 4G technology. The only thing that has a combination of unlimited decent speed data and affordable price is a broadband service. This is why you should look for unlimited internet plans in Delhi. You don’t have to worry about connection errors because, unlike a mobile network carrier, a broadband service doesn’t have low network connection issues in various places. A broadband network is only down during very bad weather conditions.

Selecting the best ISP

Now that you know you need to get broadband internet service let’s find out how to look for a good one. If you just moved to Delhi, you can, of course, ask around to figure out which is the most used internet service provider. But the issue of reliability remains. So, if you haven’t chosen a place to stay already, the availability of good broadband plans in Delhi is one thing to consider while looking for an apartment. Even if your current plan is giving trouble, you can still fetch a list of unlimited broadband plans in Delhi and settle for the best one available in your area.

Your checklist

Here’s a checklist to help you take the best ISP for your unlimited internet plans in Delhi. Make sure you prioritize them all because none of them is less important than the other. Now, of course, you might have had to compromise even ten years earlier. But now, the top ISPs will ensure you get what you need. So, here’s the checklist for you.

  1. Downstream speed
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Downstream speed is important, and everybody knows that. But what we don’t often notice is that the various ISPs don’t always live up to the standards they advertise. We need to find out from real users what the real downstream speed is instead of following marketing claims blindly.

  1. Equipment quality

Some ISPs don’t offer you a choice of modems. For a professional broadband connection, you must not settle for this. Get an ISP that offers you the choice of the modem. Find out which modem will fit your needs the best and go for it. For a personal network, you can work with what you have.

  1. Equipment flexibility

The best kind of ISP to go for would be one that will allow you to bring in your modem. If you find one of these around, don’t settle for anything less than that. Again, this aspect is valid for professional networks. Sometimes ISPs also lease modems to their clients. If your requirement is temporary, say for ten months, or so, you can opt for this cost-effective way out.

  1. Uptime commitment

You must not compromise on uptime commitments. Be vigilant of the actual uptime speed and compare it to the number committed. Go for ISPs that enable measurable targets and not vague guarantees. Make sure your ISP is clear about the legal matters in writing.

  1. Upstream capacity

VPNs, remote access, and offsite backups put a lot of premium on the upstream capacity. The importance of upstream bandwidth capacity is increasing. Make sure your ISP provides good upstream capacity, and once again, make sure the ISP lives up to the claims.

  1. SMTP flexibility

Many ISPs block SMTP ports for other servers. While this helps prevent the distribution of unsolicited emails, it is a huge inconvenience for customers. Sometimes an ISP will ask you to set your servers as outbound SMTP, but it is not your responsibility to take all that burden. Go for an ISP that is open to SMTP port 25 traffic.

  1. Port freedom
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Even after a telecommunication circuit has been placed, many ISPs can selectively block ports to optimize their network performance. You need to be aware of the policies of the ISP you are choosing. Also, you need to check your area’s policies because the policies of one ISP need not be homogenous everywhere.

  1. Responsive field service

The importance of this item on the checklist cannot be overstated. Field service is everything. Only if your ISP is committed to serving you well will you be able to use all the facilities and features claimed. Ask around for user reviews and judge from the servers’ behaviour how committed they will be to your service.

  1. Accessible technical support

Technical support again is very important because some things will go wrong no matter what. What counts is how long it takes to get things fixed. Make sure that along with the responsive field service, you also get seven days of working technical support so that if things go wrong on the weekend, you are not stuck without the internet wasting the time you could have used catching up on work.

  1. Cost

Now, of course, you cannot get all that at a cheap rate. You should have a decent budget if you want good service and satisfactory performance out of your broadband network. But you must compare the prices of rival ISPs to ensure that you are getting the best deal available.

So now you know how to select a good ISP for the best broadband plans in Delhi. Always go for the unlimited internet plans in Delhi because you will never be out of the need of an active and speedy internet connection. No matter where you come from, with one of the best ISPs serving you the best-unlimited broadband plans in Delhi, you will feel at home.

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