5 Benefits of a Covid-19 Mobile Testing Laboratory

As the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on mankind, it has taken a toll leading to a dramatic loss of human life and has presented a striking challenge to public health. In India, while the ultimate outcome from the pandemic remains to be seen, there are different innovations taken by different companies to flatten the curve. One of them is introducing the concept of Covid-19  Mobile Testing Laboratory.

Mobile testing laboratories are laboratories that are built inside a vehicle, particularly bus or tractor-trailers which can travel to certain areas where there is a lack of testing facility.

With the speculation of a third wave of Covid in September 2021, it is significant development so that people get access to the Covid-19 testing facility at a reasonable cost.

Mobile testing laboratories are an innovative model of healthcare delivery that could help alleviate various problems that prevent people from having to go through the extensive process of getting tested.

 Here are the five benefits of Covid-19 mobile testing laboratories for contemporary times.

  • Mobile Testing Laboratories Are Easily Accessible

Since it is a laboratory on wheels, the lab testing vehicles can traverse remote areas and may collect samples more quickly.  Covid-19 Mobile testing laboratories could even be placed in containment zones and in villages where access to hospitals and medical facilities was and remains a challenge.  Thus, it provides Geographical convenience.

Not only this, the mobile testing laboratories are a benefit for those individuals with limited mobility, that includes physically disabled people, wheelchair-bound people along the elderly.

  • Mobile Testing Laboratories Are Very Convenient For The Public.

By delivering the required Covid-19 testing services to clients’ doorsteps, the  Covid-19 mobile testing labs serve individuals that don’t have the time, resources and motivation to travel to hospitals.  It often does not require complex paperwork. Also, the Covid-19  mobile testing laboratory is accessible enough to eliminate different operational barriers of traditional forms of healthcare, such as transportation issues, long waiting times and difficulties in scheduling appointments,  A mobile testing lab possess the ability to move around the city and when noticed by the general public, it helps in creating awareness and provide the vulnerable population with necessary health service of Covid-19 testing.

  • Mobile Testing Laboratories Reduces The Burden On Hospitals
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We have been reeling under vicious waves of covid-19 that is sweeping the country, claiming the lives of millions of people. A recent issue of one of the many problems plaguing India is the overcrowding of many public hospitals or places that are providing healthcare services.

In the absence of space in hospitals for carrying out the Covid-19 RT-PCR tests, Mobile testing laboratories prove to be a useful means of efficient testing since it will go to the people, and people don’t have to come to it. Since it increases testing access, it will help to reduce the burden on hospitals and can function as a primary Covid-19 testing centre for patients.

  • Mobile Testing Laboratories Saves Time And Provides Emergency Coverage

The  Covid-19  mobile laboratories enable a substantial reduction in turnaround times from about 4-5 days to about 5 hours for the confirmatory test of Covid-19 resulting in workflow optimisation.

Because Mobile testing laboratories can be flexibly tailored to meet the needs of target communities, they can be effectively utilised in emergency situations as somebody with declining health would get results faster and can hence get health advice quickly. In India, SpiceHealth, a subsidiary of SpiceJet was the first to introduce the innovative concept of SpiceHealth mobile testing laboratories for RT-PCR testing. Since the only way to counter the spread of the pandemic is to test rampantly, SpiceHealth has been innovating constantly to offer medical care at the most reasonable cost.

  • Mobile Testing Laboratories Reduces Healthcare Costs
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Covid-19 mobile testing labs have the potential to offer numerous cost-savings benefits to the people. The mobile testing lab is equipped to offer multiple levels of services that are available 24/7, including Sample collection, extraction and providing the confirmatory results of covid-19 tests.  Since it is very cost-effective, even people from lower strata are able to afford it.  Not only it reduces the transportation cost, but also many companies have emerged to supply affordable mobile testing services so as to cater for the rising demands of coronavirus testing. For Instance, SpiceHealth mobile testing laboratories have been successfully conducting the country’s cheapest RT-PCR tests starting from just Rs. 499/-.

The Mobile Testing Laboratories will not restrict only to the Covid pandemic but are likely to extend its services for testing in the near future.  It will expand the scope of medical operations across the country. This will help us to build strategies to diagnose and treat contagious diseases as early as possible ensuring a better healthcare system for our country.

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