Common Plumbing Issues That Plague Sydney’s Households

plumbing issues

Your home’s piping is a complex arrangement of drains, taps, and pipes. As such, plumbing issues arise in all forms and complexities, depending on the age of your home. Many homeowners attempt to fix these problems independently before realising the need for a plumber Central Coast has to offer. Unprofessionally handled issues will only worsen the situation and cost you a great deal for the repairs.

Sydney is predicted to grow by 1.6 million people in the next 20 years, and this rapid urbanisation is expected to bring about a drinking water crisis. As such, Sydney’s utility plants’ operational costs are becoming heavy, even when idle, and are costing about A$ 500,000 a day.

So, keep aside your attempts to do self-repair and hire a professional to cater to your plumbing needs. Here are some common scenarios that warrant expert handling:

Sydney Properties and Their Rusted Pipes

According to recent reports from an Australian insurance company, an internal water leak is the most common concern for homeowners across Sydney. An overwhelming 48% of owners were unhappy about this issue and outside water penetration due to defective plumbing. Though the magnitude of the problem varies from one household to another, the fact remains that only a professional can help fix the issue.

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A Flooded House

Home flooding is an absolute disaster since the water moves quickly through your house and seeps into anywhere reachable. From your hard-wood floors to furniture, everything is at risk or sustaining damages from this flood. Flooding is often caused due to broken pipes, although clogged sinks and toilets also contribute to the cause.

Water sitting on the ground serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and can pose drowning hazards to infants. Mitigate these risks and protect your house’s structural integrity by soliciting the services of a plumber in the Central Coast.

Sydney Water receives thousands of reports that contain plumbing-related issues faced by customers. In most cases, customers are to blame, whose inactions on plumbing matters have led to their homes being flooded.

People clog their sinks and toilets with pretty much anything from coffee grounds, cooking grease, hair, soap, food, or even baby wipes. While clogging comes easy, Sydney homeowners end up spending $300 to $16,000 on water repairs.

A Leaky Tap

This is one of those small exasperating issues that can grow big when left unchecked. While only a few water droplets appear to go down the drains, these drips add up to a large amount of wasted water. When you tolerate this for months or even years, you are only blocking Sydney’s efforts at conserving water for future use.

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Sydney aims to meet future water demand by setting daily targets on water consumption. While there is a drastic improvement with less than 300 litres a day consumption, we still have a long battle ahead for saving our water sources. It includes efforts at desalination, recycling, and groundwater improvement.

Contributing to this cause is as easy as calling a plumber to fix the leaky fixture or replace it if the problem persists.

Most properties suffer setbacks due to plumbing issues and can bring your life to a standstill. What your building needs is services from a plumber in the Central Coast to ascertain and resolve the water damage. Experts investigating the issue not only improves the plumbing condition of your property but also has a long term impact on conserving the water.

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