4 Well-Provided Steps to Decrypt Your PDF Files Using PDFBear’s Safest Tool

Decrypt Your PDF Files

Unlocking your PDF documents becomes too comfortable with a PDFBear. In just a few necessary steps, you will have your desired output. PDFBear is a website that features various efficient tools to work on your own digital papers. Thus, aside from unlocking your PDFs, you can also perform various tasks just by visiting the site. 

There are specific scenarios where encrypted PDF files annoy us for some reason. But, for whatever it is, PDFBear can help you with the problem. PDFBear has an Unlock PDF tool that can easily remove the password you have set for your files. Follow these methods indicated to get you started. 

Click “Choose Files”

PDFBear will thoroughly guide you on how to unlock PDF. To get your documents decrypted, you have to upload it first to the website by clicking the “Choose Files” button. Another convenient method is to drag your PDFs and drop it to the website directly. Both of the processes are 100% safe and secure. PDFBear will make sure that your inputs will be highly safeguarded from viruses and malware. 

Enter The Password

If the documents are already uploaded to the site, type the password you have generated for the server to start the decryption process fully. If you are currently using Linux or Mac operating systems, that will not be a problem as PDFBear supports numerous systems. Thus, you can completely access the website wherever you want. You just need an internet connection to start the whole task. 

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Click “Unlock PDF” 

You have to be the owner-password to unlock the PDFs. Simply clicking the “Unlock PDF” button completes the whole decryption process. But for some reason, some of the PDF files cannot be decrypted. However, most of the time, your files can be unlocked within seconds. PDFBear will offer its 100% service to satisfy their users. 

PDFBear operates on cloud-based technology. Thus, without any hassle on the user’s behalf, you can access and use their tools in the most convenient way possible. All features are updated, including their well-provided steps. 

Save Your Updated PDFs

After the three steps mentioned, PDFBear will automatically remove your password and unlock your document. You can conveniently save your decrypted PDFs to your primary storage or on your Dropbox account. You can use your updated PDFs for whatever purposes you may have. 

The downloading process will just take seconds. Rest assured that it will not waste your time as long as you have a stable internet connection. The quality of the file will not be compromised even after the process. From the start to the last part of the process, the original document quality will retain. 

Other Helpful Things You Can Do With PDFBear

Since PDFBear is a versatile online-based tool, there are several other things you can do with its offered service, aside from unlocking your PDFs. No wonder why the site becomes famous worldwide. Check out these other beneficial tasks you can freely do with PDFBear. 

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Convert Your File To AMultiple Formats

Converting your file to another format becomes convenient, quick, and accessible using PDFBear’s converter tool. This is one of the most used features aside from their unlock PDF tool. Whether you wish your PDFs to be converted to Word, JPG to PDF, or HTML to PDF, the website’s featured converter tool helps you get your desired format in just a few necessary clicks. 

Merge Your PDFs Into A Single File

PDFBear’s merging tool is one of the most convenient tools on the internet. It lets you combine your PDFs into a single PDF file in hassle-free ways. After combining your PDFs using this tool, you can also check out their compression tool to get the website’s full benefits. As a result, your files will be in a better version. 

Repair Your Damaged PDFs

If you have some trouble fixing your damaged or corrupted PDF files, PDFBear will help you fix the issue in the most secure way possible. The tool will analyze your PDFs first before taking the necessary actions. Although some of the damaged files cannot be repaired for some reason, PDFBear will offer its 100% best guarantee that your corrupted files’ condition will not worsen.

In A Nutshell

Anything is possible with technology, even for resolving various issues related to our paperless documents. Whether you are working with your PDF files, Word, HTML, or JPEG, PDFBear assures that you will acquire a top-quality output. 

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