Why You Should Get CPR Certified?

Why You Should Get CPR Certified

Have you watched all the movies that the MCU or the DCEU has to offer? If you have, then you are a certified superhero fanatic and enjoy watching lives being saved and beating the odds. So, why not get a chance to become a hero yourself by getting a CPR online certification?

What is CPR?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. CPR is a procedure that involves chest compressions to stimulate blood circulation coming from the heart while ensuring that proper ventilation is maintained by providing adequate amounts of oxygen to the person who has suffered from a cardiac arrest.

The main goal of CPR is to take over the circulatory functions of the heart until the arrival of emergency medical personnel with advanced life support equipment. With the proper implementation of CPR procedures, the brain will get enough oxygen circulation to survive. It has been established that the human brain can only survive a maximum of six minutes without oxygen. So, when the heart stops pumping due to a cardiac arrest, the administration of CPR will help the brain survive longer until advanced life support systems arrive.

Why Become CPR certified?

CPR is a simple procedure that anybody can learn by watching online training videos. However, knowing how to perform something will not beat having both knowledge and practice. Getting certification for CPR training means that you know the basics of CPR and have enough practice to become certified.

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1. You Can Save a Life

A 2014 data shows that ninety percent of people who experience cardiac arrest do not reach the hospital alive. However, when immediate CPR is performed on them, the chances of these people surviving increases by forty-five percent.

While anybody can learn to perform CPR from watching a video, that information may not be enough to give the person confidence when an actual heart attack happens. When you are CPR certified, you are confident that your hands-on training will significantly increase the chances of saving somebody’s life whenever the need arises.

2. You Can Provide Better Care for Your Loved Ones

Most individuals that attend CPR certification training have loved ones or family members who are prone to cardiac arrests. By getting a CPR certification, you are not only able to save your loved ones when they experience heart failure; but you will also be trained to spot tell-tale signs that a cardiac arrest is about to happen.

3. You Will Be Prepared for Emergency Situations

When you get CPR online certification classes, you will also be trained on how to handle different first aid situations for all ages, including infants, children, adults, and the elderly. You will also have hands-on practices on simple first aid cases to worse-case simulations while being observed by trained medical professionals. After the simulations, you will be critiqued about how you handled each situation and will be given necessary pointers when needed. All in all, having a CPR certification will allow you to stay calm during emergencies to think clearly about the necessary actions to take.

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4. Your Resume Will Significantly Improve

If you are looking for work, your resume will significantly look better when you include CPR certification as one of your credentials. Being CPR certified will also create a safer work environment in your workplace since your employers and colleagues know that they have somebody to count on during emergencies.

The best benefit that you can have with a CPR online certification is that you are empowered to do something that most people cannot do. This ability makes you a superhero in your own right.

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