Service managers in Field Service Industry are quickly adopting Field Service Management tools to run a successful business. Field Service Management SaaS is getting updated with new features and technologies with more accuracy and predictions in the work done. Field Service Industry is one of the biggest in the market where millions of workers are serving.

Mobile Field Service lets the workers complete their given tasks on time by improving the customer satisfaction at ease. In order to manage information, Field Service Management SaaS brings digital forms which are known as Mobile Forms. If you are not aware how you can improve the productivity of your service, following we have listed down a few reasons to move to Mobile Forms in Field Service.

  • Keeps everyone up-to-date

An appropriate mobile app related to your firm keeps everyone in the field up-to-date. With digital mobile form, workers can stay updated with all the details of the consumers who are in need of services. This way you can be more productive in your field and can give better services.

  • It improves the efficiency

Since data in the digital form enter by the technician on the field, there will be no any duplications can take place. This way, it improves the overall efficiency. A technician can also capture the photo, scanned signatures and other information of the consumer in the form during their service.

  • It captures the right information

Since the data in the form enter in real-time by the technician, it provides the right information about the consumer’s name, address, the service date, timing and much more. The form stores into the cloud so it can access by the admin easily from anywhere.

  • Helps in accounting

Since there is no any paperwork needed, it would give an ease of working with the digital forms to all the accountants. Accountants can easily derive the data from digital forms and can work with them. This way it speeds up the entire process and gets the firm a quick result.

  • Improves communication

As discussed in the above points, a technician can make use of a digital form in Field Service, they enter the data of the consumer in real-time which makes communication a lot easier. The admin can fetch the data of the customer and can provide it to the technician in future. Or just for the satisfaction call, the department and can make use of this information saved in the digital forms.

  • A real-time insight of the Business

Real-time form submission takes less time and improves the productivity. Since the admin and other departments can access the data in real-time, they can also go through various tasks to collect the data in real-time. It lets the department make quick decisions on the spot.

  • Stored data can easily be accessible

Since the digital forms stored directly in the cloud, the stored data and information saved in the forms can be easily accessible by the authorized persons. The process of collecting the data requires less time. Here, digital forms or we can say the mobile form in field service is a life saver.

  • Provides quick invoice

All the information, the service charges, timing, and everything gathered easily on the mobile forms which will complete the process in seconds. The data syncs with other systems in real-time which provides a quick invoice to the customers.

  • Cost-effective

Paper-works need more time and other additional charges such as transportation, packaging. It will also affect the accounting system of the firm. While using the mobile forms in the field doesn’t ask for more costing. You just need to buy an additional extension while purchasing the Field Service Management SaaS for the firm.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Using mobile forms, a technician can collect and upload information in real-time. This way, he can provide good service in less time. As a result, it will give proper service to the customer, after all, Customer Satisfaction is what every Field Service business looking for!