SEO Strategies for Higher Rankings

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be complicated for any online site. Using the same SEO tactics as most other companies won’t make your page stand out. Hence, there needs to be a different approach taken to rank above everyone else by doing something completely different than the competition.

Whether people are going online to search for March Madness Predictions or shop online, using these strategies can help move your business to the top of the search engine rankings. Here’s how to use SEO strategies to improve rankings:

Use an Opportunity Keyword

An opportunity keyword is similar to a regular keyword but is much better. Everyone has probably noticed that when you search on Google, the page is full of more things than ever before, like ads, snippets, and news results, which is why the focus should be on opportunity keywords. These keywords have a high organic click-through rate, which means there won’t be many things on the page that will distract users when searching.  

Look at the search results before choosing a keyword. If the page is packed with stuff, consider using an opportunity keyword that will get more clicks. 

Research Content Competition

Rather than just write something you think will rank high on Google, analyze the first page of results to see what’s working. Only once you figure out the type of content that Google wants to see for that keyword should you then start writing content. 

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For example, a keyword that you’re thinking about using for a food blog post shows mainly results for recipes. So, instead of using a title for the post that is more general, you would want to write a post that lists recipes. 

Create Better Content

When creating content for SEO, there are basically two options. The first option is to create something different, while the second is to create something better. Websites often look to create better content than what’s already out there, when sometimes it makes better sense to create something totally unique. 

Add The Hook

This is an advanced SEO strategy in which companies need to figure out why people link to the content in your industry. Once you’ve figured that out, include that hook in your content. Data is one type of hook that can be used. Others that can be used are things like unique techniques. This means creating a hook by making something new. 

Another way is to position your content as an ultimate guide. When publishing a massive guide online, the fact that your content covers everything about a subject is the hook. 

The last hook is to include results from case studies in your content. Case studies are one of the most straightforward hooks that can be used. All that needs to be done is feature one result in your case study.

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Optimizing The Site’s On-Page SEO

The first strategy is to use short URLs. There is a direct correlation between short URLs and higher Google rankings. Going back to change any existing URLs can do more harm than good. Just make sure that any new URLs are short. 

Internal linking is another strategy that must be done correctly to work. Internal links still work, and usually, you would want to have links from high authority pages on your site to the pages you want to rank. The internal links will send authority to the pages you want to rank, which should give them a rankings boost. 

Search Intent

Search intent is what a google searcher is looking for when they perform a search. The better your content matches their search, the higher your page will rank. Even though your site may have a great keyword, it may not match the search intent for that keyword. 

Changing to a keyword that more closely matches search intent can significantly increase traffic. Search engine algorithms will pick it up and give the page a boost.

Content Design

To improve your page’s content design, the first thing to do is use screenshots and images in every post. You can also make the content look nicer using blog post banners. 

The use of charts and visuals can help people understand more complicated subjects and don’t need to be super fancy to be effective. 

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