Review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software

Review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software

Whether you are a business owner or a college student, the chances are that you use a computer. However, did you know that a computer is vulnerable to all kinds of risks such as?

  • Virus/malware attacks
  • User error
  • Physical damage
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Data corruption
  • Power surges
  • Hardware failure

No matter how careful you are, there is always the risk of losing all your images, videos, documents on a computer. This is because of problems like data corruption, virus attacks, user error, physical damage, etc.  However, there is a reliable solution to all these issues, which is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software’s

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is an enterprise-level software that you can use for recovering files from your computer’s internal hard drive as well as external devices such as external hard drive, pen drive, SD card, and even an optical disk (CD/DVD).

The following are some of the main features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software:

Support for Multiple File System Formats

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software works with the majority of popular file storage formats including FAT, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and exFAT.

Email Recovery

This windows data recovery tool helps to recover lost or deleted email files. It recovers from all email clients including Ms Outlook, Ms Exchange Server, Ms Lotus Notes and many other email files types.

Deep Scan

If you don’t find some files in a “quick scan”, then you use the “deep scan” feature. In this, the software goes even deeper into its search process and identifies all the existing data based on the file signatures.

Hard Disk Image Creation

The hard disk image recovery feature allows you to recover your data with minimum risk. This is because in this, instead of recovering data from the hard drive directly, the software first creates an image file of the hard drive and then recover the data from it.  This feature comes in handy when trying to recover data from hard drive having bad sectors. This means that the device isn’t used during the recovery process and thus there is no possibility of data harm.

Lost Partition Recovery

Can’t find a hard drive partition on your computer because of data corruption or accidental deletion? With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software, you can locate it and recover data as well without any problem.

Encrypted Hard Drive Recovery

The software can recover data from your password protected drives, you can recover the data even if a hard drive or partition is encrypted (granted you have the password, naturally)!

What Makes Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software better than Other Data Recovery Software?

On the surface, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software may look like any other standard data recovery software. However, once you use it, you can see that it has a number of small and big features that make it a much better option than others in the same space.

For starters, the user interface of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software is one of the simplest you will find in the market. Just as you launch the program, it asks you to select what you want to cover with your options including emails, videos, office documents or “All Data”, all presented neatly in the panel. You can then select the location of the drive from where you want to recover this data from. The process follows the same flow and ease of working. So, even if a user is not tech-savvy, they can use the software without any major problems.

There are many other small yet highly useful features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software that easily make it a winner. For instance, unlike most data recovery software, it actually displays a list of files that it can recover for you. Although you may not get to read the exact name of the files, you can read their file extensions which should help you with the recovery process. Plus, the preview window is so simple and easy to navigate that locating your important files won’t be a problem.

Another recent update to Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software that makes it even better is the data recovery service integration which means you can contact a professional for hardware-based data recovery service easily and conveniently.

Final Verdict

In my experience, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software is easily one of the most reliable and powerful data recovery software in the market its user interface is simple and doesn’t take much of your time getting used to, and yet the functionality isn’t compromised in any manner. It is fast and gets the job done without any hitches. Since it’s one of the most trusted names in the market, you can use it without any concerns.

The software comes in 4 variations, Free, Home, Professional and Technician.  The Free version can help you recover up to 1 GB data.  Stellar Phoenix Home and Professional version have lifetime validity and offer unlimited data recovery. The stellar phoenix windows data recovery – technician is for advance RAID based systems.

The only thing about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software- Professional that may bother some people is the price which is around Rs. 5,999. However, that’s all about the perspective. This is because, if you think about it, many data recovery service providers charge even more than that and that too for one-time service. However, for just a few thousand bucks you get a lifetime usage license and a dedicated customer support helpline which lets to connect to the data recovery professionals at any hour of the day. Besides, given how precious our data is today, it’s just a small investment if anything.