Kenya Is the Land of Investment for the Indian

If you want to be financially strong, then you surely need to make some good decisions and investments from early life. As an Indian, you must be familiar with the rising inflations in the country. You have to take some steps which can secure your family financially. Kenya is one of the best countries in the world where you can invest as an Indian. Kenya is known to be the land of investment for Indians. Today the majority of big businesses in Kenya belong to Indian businessmen. So you can also try your luck in this country. Many of us ask a common question: do I need a visa to travel to Kenya from India. The answer to this question is simple, which will be discussed further in our discussion in the article.

Some popular ways you can invest your money in Kenya!

The Kenya travel restrictions from India were strict in the past because of COVID-19, but today they have become much more relaxed than before. Below we have listed some of the popular investment means in Kenya. Many Kenyan Indians have already invested using these ways.

Buying private or government sector bonds

In Kenya, a bond is a way in which government or private corporations would borrow money from the general public. A bond would always have a set time period. Once the time is complete, you will get your investment back with some pre-agreed premium (interest). Kenya travel restrictions from India for businessmen are now relaxed, which is why we would urge you to visit Kenya and make some investment in bonds. Keyna offers a fantastic facility to the Indians,  which is Kenya on arrival visa for Indian nationals. This facility is amazing for the Indians who has no time to wait for the visa approval for the business.

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Investments in Gold and Silver

If you want to make a safe investment in Kenya, then you can easily invest in gold and silver. The rate of gold and silver is increasing every turning day. So this investment can get you a sure-shot return. Many large investors in India have invested in gold and silver from Kenya. Kenya travel restrictions from India slightly affected the market in the COVID-19 pandemic, but now the market is again smooth and running.

Invest in the real estate business

Real estate investments are quite common across the globe. The Kenyan land is no exception when it comes to real estate investments. Now investment in the Kenya real estate industry cannot be made by visa on arrival for Indian travelers. You need to apply for a formal business visa at the Indian embassy, and from there, you can get the approval after filling in all the requirements. Do you need a visa for Kenya real business? Yes, you do! But you don’t only need a business visa; rather, you also need a big investment to invest inland. This kind of investment is not for all individuals. Also, know that this is a risky business as the market price of land can go up as well as down! Most people have no time to waste, they prefer to do their tasks quicker. This is why most businessmen prefer to use the visa on arrival for Indians.

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Some tips for beginner investors in Kenya!

Here are some tips that you need to consider now that Kenya travel restrictions from India have relaxed:

  • Always make a budget
  • Have enough savings as a backup
  • Set realistic goals and targets
  • Always invest in long term projects and bonds
  • Establish connections with the local community for better guidance!

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