Simple Guide to Improve Old MacBook’s Performance

MacBook’s Performance

Imagine having a MacBook that decides to restart randomly or crashes in the middle of you playing a video game. That does not sound great, right?

While MacBooks are quite reliable, having an older model is likely to cause significant performance issues.

Luckily, there are ways to improve your laptop’s performance even if it is quite old. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Clean the Dust Inside

Starting with the filth inside the laptop is a good option. The amount of dust that accumulated over time could be quite significant, especially if you did not bother cleaning that before.

The dust inside puts a strain on the internal fans and causes the computer to overheat. You may read some suggestions about getting a cooling pad and solving a problem this way. While the accessory is a great investment, you should still prioritize cleaning the dust.

In case you are reluctant to take on the task yourself because you are afraid of damaging the laptop, ask someone for help. There should be a computer service store nearby where they offer laptop cleaning. Paying money may not seem ideal, but you will know that the computer is in professional hands, and it will receive a thorough cleaning.

Get Rid of Malware

The second suggestion is to look for potential malware. If there are cybersecurity threats on the computer, it is bound to underperform. Being aware of potential dangers online and using a VPN and ad blockers might not be enough to prevent all attacks.

You need to scan the system with a reliable anti-malware tool and determine whether there are any threats on the MacBook. If the scan reveals corrupted files, do not hesitate and remove them from your Mac as soon as possible.

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It is recommended to have antivirus software running in the background when the MacBook is turned on. Even if an antivirus consumes some resources, it is worth it because of the protection such software provides.

Declutter the Desktop

Desktop clutter is not a pretty sight, nor is it great for the overall MacBook performance. Each time you switch between the desktop and another tab, your Mac has to render app shortcuts, documents, and other desktop files. And the more files there are, the more rendering the computer has to do.

Some may find it difficult to change their habits and not keep shortcuts and other important documents on a computer’s desktop. However, if you are looking to have an optimally running MacBook, you will need to declutter the desktop.

Free up Enough Drive Space

The problem with the drive space is that you may be past the point of solving it without reinstalling the operating system and giving the computer a fresh start. It comes down to how old the MacBook is and how much effort you put into managing the computer data.

Nevertheless, it is still worth trying to take a different approach because reinstalling macOS is quite bothersome.

For starters, get a cleanup utility tool and prioritize temporary system junk. One of the tips to purge other volume, app caches, plugins, and old system backups is to invest in cleanup software. CleanMyMac X is a great example. Instead of dealing with junk data manually, you can let the software do the work for you.

After you remove temporary data, move to applications. Some apps might have overstayed their welcome on the MacBook. Apps you have not used for a while should be removed. And in case you need them in the future, there is the option to download them again.

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Old movies, TV shows, photos, music, and other media files are another item on the list. You should delete these files permanently or transfer them to an external HDD or your iCloud account.

As soon as you make enough free space on the MacBooks drive, you will notice a significant improvement in the overall computer performance.

Clear Startup Item List

Go to System Preferences and click on the Users and Groups tab to access the Login item list. On the left, you will see available Mac profiles. Select yours and uncheck boxes next to applications that load whenever you boot the MacBook.

Having fewer or no startup items will make a positive impact on the computer’s speed. Not only will it run faster, but you will also not have to wait as long after resetting the laptop to stop memory leaks, which is another phenomenon to keep your eyes on.

Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading MacBook hardware is a bit tricky because pretty much every piece is integrated by the manufacturer. It is not the same as replacing a hard drive or adding extra RAM on a personal computer.

Nevertheless, some Mac models are compatible with hardware changes. If yours falls in that category, and you have some money to spare, do not hesitate and look at available hardware upgrade options. For instance, you could replace the battery, add extra RAM, switch to an SSD, or invest money in an external graphics processing unit.

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