5 Reasons to Implement a Blog Strategy

Marketing is essential to create trust among consumers and, at the same time, inspire confidence while training them in certain aspects related to the activity of the company. Today more than ever, consumers want to learn before buying, and One of the best ways to educate is implement a blog strategy by creating quality content.

This is a fact that the figures show. An Inbound Marketing report, carried out by Hubspot, details that 80% of companies that use blogs as a marketing strategy acquire new customers thanks to the creation of valuable content that is published there.

However, the blog must be created with a purpose and follow a plan to ensure the best results. To do this, before making a publication, it is necessary to do some preliminary research on the keywords, plan a calendar and look for the best topics to write about.

Many companies are unaware of the value of blogging and the business benefits it brings. In this vein, here are five benefits of a blogging strategy for any company, large or small:

1. Helps build a brand

Consistently offering consumers valuable content helps brands to build a powerful and unified image. Customers, by reading  content, will be able to know who the company is, what it represents and how it can help them. This will encourage readers to recognize the company as the expert who can solve their need.

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2. Establish authority

A company, by demonstrating that it dominates a specific subject, will increase its authority, and that will help to gain trust among its consumers. Users follow the advice of people they know and who they can trust. By blogging, companies are creating a constant relationship with their followers and earning that trust every day.

3. Helps increase search engine traffic

Positioning on the web is vital for a business to be successful. The content is essential to appear in the first results of the search engine. If SEO trends are not followed, a company can lose thousands of visits to its platform and make your business not visible. One of the best ways to achieve this and position a page is by creating quality content.

4. Form an engaged community

 If a company is continuously publishing important information for its industry, this will help it to create a community of people who are interested in what they publish, and later in the products or services they offer.

5. Converting your web traffic into leads

Having a good blog strategy ensures that you convert your web traffic into leads. Those who regularly follow the content of a company have already become qualified customers who trust the brand. It is only a matter of the company effectively calling for action to capture the readers’ attention, offering them the company’s services or products, for which the user previously felt interested.

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