How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From Hard Disk – Best Method

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From Hard Disk – Best Method

Due to increasing concern for data safety, most of the users prefer hard disk drives to save vital data. With the enhanced usage, the permanent deletion of data from hard drives also has gradually emerged to free up space on a hard disk drive. However, file deletion is a common and essential aspect and it is the easiest way to free up more space for new data. Yet, there are some points when users want deleted data files back. Then, it causes inconveniences for individuals to recover permanently deleted files from hard disk. In this article, you will find some easy and efficient tricks to recover permanently deleted files from Windows hard disk drive. But, before going to the data recovery solution section, let us take a quick glance at few scenarios, which cause permanent deletion of folders/files from hard disk drive:

  • If internal or external hard drive is formatted
  • Empty the contents of Recycle Bin folder from Windows PC
  • Using ‘Shift+Delete’ keys to delete unwanted files
  • Deleting large sized data files that bypass Recycle Bin
  • When Antivirus scans the hard disk for virus, malware or other dangerous threats

In all above- stated scenarios, data files will permanently delete and lost. So let’s discuss how to recover permanently deleted files from a hard drive in Windows OS.

User’s Query for Deleted Data Recovery

“Recently I deleted some folders that I was not supposed to delete from my laptop hard drive. The folders contain very important data. I have used a hard drive recovery program. However, that was only able to detect the main folder, which was deleted but not the more important 2 subfolders which stores all required data. Now, I extremely need to recover my lost data. Please, someone, recommend me any manual or automatic way to recover permanently deleted files from hard disk.”

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Techniques to Recover Permanently Deleted Data  from Hard Disk

If you have erased files by pressing shift + deleted key from the hard drive, flash drive, sd card, and USB drives then, you can still recover them. It is so because the documents were never truly wiped. the Windows just assign that space for new information storage. Thus, it is possible to recover information regardless of whether you erased documents permanently from the Recycle Bin. In this section, you will find tricks to recover shift + deleted files from hard disk.

Method 1: Recover Permanently deleted Data using SysTools Software

When it comes to permanently deleted data recovery,  try professional data recovery programs that ensures for 100% accuracy. SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is one of the most trusted and tested tool to recover and save corrupted, lost and permanently deleted data from internal and external hard disk. The tool can recover all type deleted files from any external or internal drive. Also, it supports lost data recovery from formatted and corrupted FAT, exFAT, NTFS, MBR and GPT file system. The software performs a quick data recovery from IDE, EIDE, and SATA devices. The best thing about this Tool is, it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from Hard Disk

  • Download and install Software on your Windows Machine
  • Select and Scan the partition to recover permanently deleted data from hard disk.
  • Preview recovered data in preview panel by exploring folder.
  • Save entire folder or selected files at any location on a host system.
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Method 2: Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk Manually

If you want to recover permanently deleted files from hard disk without using paid software then, go with listed steps:

  • Click on the Computer icon from the screen
  • Go to the folder that comprises the file or folder and hit a right-click on the file/folder and select Restore previous versions Now, an option to recover the deleted folder will display on the screen.
  • Choose the previous version and click on Open to view and verify that you have selected required data
  • If the folder is at the top level of a drive then, hit a right-click on it and click on

Warning: The file or folder will replace the present version on your system and the replacement cannot be reversed. Also, this process will not recover shift + deleted data or emptied recycle bin data.

Concluding Lines

Considering the users queries how to recover permanently deleted data from hard disk. I have explained the optimal solutions in this article. Users can recover permanently deleted files via two different methods i.e., manual and professional. Now, users can opt any approach that best fits according to his/her requirements and recovers deleted data from Windows hard drive easily.