Improve page speed on mobile

Get along with the mobile speed of your business website. The fast it will open faster you will get more ROI for your services. To make the mobile site speedy you have to take note of some crucial things, and here we have listed the same for your help.

If you are an owner of a business, then you must know that your business website speed will always get you more traffic. However, in this very case, so many businesses do not pay concentration about their mobile websites, and thus their popularity goes down. You should hire a Mobile Advertising Agency.

To increase the traffic and ROI of a business website, you must keep in mind that mobile sites are very important and it will always help reach the goal, which is ranking in the search engine. So if you are after ranking in Google and do not want to lose your potential customer over a slow mobile website, you must work hire Website Maintenance Company after the same. If you are feeling confused, then we have listed the best tips for speeding up your business mobile site.

  1. Enable Image Compression

The image on your desktop site and the mobile site will always be different and if you haven’t taken this part under your consideration, then you are walking on the wrong path. You must ensure that your mobile site images are compressed. The PNGs, GIFs, JPGs all have to be in right size before the user takes a look at it. Take note of every page on the mobile site and make them proper one by one if needed.

  1. Minimize HTTP Request

These are the thing that is the biggest drawback for website speed. When a request is made that can be for CSS file reference or HTML, like image, flash or scripts the request are then loaded one after another. So when you get more on page ingredient like this, the loading time will be more. To solve this you can streamline the number elements on your page, by removing unnecessary features. You can have CSS instead of images, and you can play with the shadow, gradients with them easily. You have to multiple sheets into one, try putting scripts at the bottom of the page or you can always get rid of them.

  1. Optimization of Images

When you are optimizing your contents then do this task too. Optimize the images properly, and you can take help of your web developer as well. Ensure that there should be no empty image sources at all, and crop the images to the size which is suitable for mobile viewing. Try to avoid BMBs, GIFs and remove image comments too.

  1. Minimize Web Server Response Time

The moment your website goes to the mobile and people are searching for it, you have to make sure that the web server is providing the site without wasting much time. Desktop sites can take a second or two to open, but the mobile sites have to be fast, thus, you have to take care of these crucial things. Your target has to be 200ms for any page and that will make the business website of yours a perfect one.

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Mobile sites are important and they bring the best ROI with the desktop ones. Thus, you have to make sure to care for this part.