How Do You Know If You Can Trust a Website?

How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Website?

The best thing you can do to save yourself from phishing attack is by browsing smartly. The website link which you have received in your email inbox may be an attempt to hook you. In the present scenario of data transfer, data is directly proportional to money. The more personal information you have about customers, the better you can be at your business.

Bad guys steal private information and sell it to various companies; they try every possible means to steal your confidential information. If you are informed, then you can save yourself from opening a malicious website. You may have seen a trusted website badge at the bottom of many websites. A secure and trusted website encrypts your data to protect your privacy. This will also keep you safe if you are giving your financial or other confidential information. Your valuable information will never be compromised.

Unfortunately, even those websites who have written ‘secure and verified badge’ at their bottom may not be legitimate. It is a common practice over the internet to copy and paste it into the website so that it may look trusted. Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can check the authenticity of a website and find out whether it is safe to use or not. The same applies to other sites that deal in any type of money transactions, like payment processors (there usually are legit, but not all of them have good plans in terms of fees and user’s benefits) and online shopping sites.

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If you are putting your personal information or financial information on a webpage, then it is imperative to check the URL in the address bar of your internet browser. If the URL starts with https://, then it signifies that a website is using a hypertext transfer protocol for secure communication. Save yourself from putting confidential information if the webpage is not secured by https.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of a website has detailed information as to how your data is being collected and used. It is mentioned that what are the security measures the website is taking to ensure the privacy of your data. If you are about to make a purchase deal on the internet and find the privacy policy of this website is not up to the mark, then consider other websites. It is the responsibility of the website to keep your personal data safe and the responsibility lies on your shoulders as well.

Contact Information

A website owner will always have a valid email address. The website will display its physical address, telephone numbers, and social media contact/ share buttons.

Badge Verification

At the bottom of a website, you will see a secure and verified badge. When you will take your cursor on it, a popup will show up with a certificate and verification details. In case the information displayed is not in accordance with the website you are visiting, then it is not a secure and legitimate website.

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The trust seal website will mention the date of the last scan with other details like the address and phone number. These details will ensure that the selected website has a good reputation and has taken adequate precautionary measures to save your data.

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