How to Get the Best Download Application for Desktop

How to Get the Best Download Application for Desktop

Downloading your favorite media files or other stuff can be difficult if you don’t have a proper download application. But if you have one and you know how to operate it properly, downloading will be easier than anyone you imagine. Unfortunately, many people don’t know which download application can be best or how to get the best download application for desktop computers. However, in this article, we are going to provide you the best downloader software for your window computer.

What is the best download application for a desktop?

The answer can be varied from people to people but the most common answer is that the Internet Download Manager is the best download application for desktop computers. It is also known as the IDM worldwide. There are several reasons why the IDM is the best internet download application while there are few more good downloaders available for Windows 10 too. Let us give you a short review of the Internet Download Manager which will be helpful to make your choice.

What is Internet Download Manager?

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the best internet downloader available for Microsoft Windows. It is considered as the most used and most popular downloader around the world. The IDM is a shareware tool which comes with a price but you can easily enjoy a trial version for a limited period. But if you don’t want to purchase a genuine copy, you can easily IDM Crack it using some bypass ways.

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There are several reasons that made IDM the best downloader. One of the reasons is its amazing features. The point is it features some great features and works perfectly with any version of Windows including the Windows 10. There is no other downloader in the market which can possibly be better than the IDM in terms of features. Have a look at the top features of the Internet Download Manager.

Top Features of the Internet Download Manager

  • Download Speed Acceleration up to 5 times faster.
  • Schedule Downloads.
  • Resume and Recovery Downloads.
  • Shut-down the PC after completion of the download.
  • Drag and Drop for easy download.
  • Easy and eye-catchy interface.
  • Supports all different version and editions of Windows.
  • It supports more than 100 popular browsers.
  • Supports different protocols like HTTP, TFT and so on.
  • More than 50 different languages and many more.

Does it come for free?

The straight answer to this question is NO, but you can use it for free. Sounds confusing? Let’s make it clear. The IDM is a shareware downloading tool which has a price for a genuine copy. Normally it allows the user to enjoy a trial copy for a limited time. While the trial period is over, it asks for the successful registration. But don’t worry. You can register it by using a free serial number or cracking it through some bypass ways.

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Is it safe for my Windows 10?

Of course, it is safe and that is one reason which made it the best downloading tool for Windows 10. Basically, the IDM is safe for any version of Microsoft Windows. You can use it without giving any second thought.

How to use the Internet Download Manager?

  • Download the Internet Download Manager from here.
  • Extract the files and install the idm.exe file.
  • Done! Enjoy unlimited downloading.

Getting the best downloader for your Windows 10 might be hard unless you choose the Internet Download Manager. There are few more downloaders available for Windows 10 but most of them have some flaws. You will get disappointed with them very easily. But Internet Download Manager is the one that actually built to impress the users. It has not a single flaw and there is no way it makes the user disappointed. Give a try and justify yourself.