How Can A Mobile App Help Your E-Commerce Business?

How Can A Mobile App Help Your E-Commerce Business?

So you are interested to become an entrepreneur. You have worked in the online e-commerce industry for close to ten years and have gained experience. Now you want to open your own online store. After obtaining the subsequent funding from your relatives, you have met potential vendors and sought permission to sell their clothes and products on the website. And now, you have hired the services of software professionals to help you design an app. Hey! Wait. Does an app really help your e-commerce business? Read the article to find the reasons.

The industry experts on e-commerce say that an app can enhance the sales, make rapid additions to the customer base and can give your company a much-needed boost. In the recent world of e-commerce, apps are the modern technological innovative tools used by many new businesses to make a grand entry into the business world.

As per the recent reports, there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users before 2018. The number of online transactions per year is set to reach 2 billion before December 31, 2017. So, the trend has clearly shifted in favor of mobiles than laptops and personal computers.

This goes to show that many online shoppers appreciate the advantages of mobile apps.


Many of the online shopping enthusiasts favor apps to browsers. They find it easy and compatible. With the entry of responsive design in websites and the increase in screen size of mobiles, the online shoppers use apps to make the necessary transactions.

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Other main reasons are that the features and applications are very easy to use in apps than browsers. Suitable security will also be provided in the app to make the payment etc.


Apps can be easily downloaded. In case of an emergency, anyone will not hesitate to use the app. Downloading an app shows the trust the customer has in your online company. Usually, a loyal customer spends more time on the app than on the website to know the features better. However, you should have an excellent customer care support. The team should ensure that every problem regarding the online store, purchase, and payment is resolved in the app within a short time.

Response Time

One of the major factors for gaining the loyalty of the customer is to have a fast loading website. Similarly, the app performs fast actions and respond effectively as per the requirements of the customer. Since apps react faster, they are the better choice for customers.


The store should have an excellent design. A non-worthy design and your e-commerce store will be in the doldrums. The app should have easy titles to navigate. It is better to have a simple, flashy and excellent app so that the customer can come in, make the purchase, do the payment and log out faster.

Abandonment Rate

One of the problems in e-commerce is an abandonment of shopping carts. However, it has been proved that apps have low car abandonment rates due to the easy checkout process.

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Mobile apps have considerably lower cart abandonment rates owing to the simplified checkout process. Shipping and payment information is stored in

Higher Value

If the customer has prescribed to your social media platforms or to your blog, then a notification on the recent discount sale will reach him/her. Naturally, he/she will be persuaded to return to your app to check the details.

Payment Methods

There may be millions of customers who can access your online store, but the most important aspect is the sales, in other words, revenue. The payment option should be easy. Many online payment systems such as Apple Pay, PayPal as well Google Wallet can be easily installed in the app.


In the present world scenario, among the many popular online businesses, two have gained prominence. One provides the information on clothes, items and sells products. The second type provides doorstep professional services, responding to public requests. For example, you need the services of a plumber in Bangalore. Do not worry; there are online doorstep professional companies in Bangalore who provide a similar type of services.

Please note it is a challenge to make the e-commerce store successful, but you should also take note of the technological trend. But with the right team, it will be a cakewalk.

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