Balancing Life & Work with Your Newborn

Something to Seriously Think About

Mothers have it harder today than, perhaps, at any time during the last several hundred years. Well, it will depend on how you define “difficulty”, of course. In the 1800s, owing to a lack of hygienic sanitation during the delivery of newborns, many mothers died in childbirth. Today, proper hygiene protocols reduce that issue.

But a mother in the 1800s didn’t have to juggle her career and social status in quite the same way. Certainly, there were women who acted in a professional manner—it is a huge misconception that women never occupied positions of power in antiquity. The terms “Elizabethan” and “Victorian”, both in reference to matriarchal royalty, inherently show as much.

That said, most women weren’t breadwinners in the past. While this is seen as a regressive state of affairs by many in the modern world, the truth is, it makes life and work a lot easier for new moms. A newborn wants you there all the time. As a mother, to a certain extent, you’ll want to be near wherever the baby is as much as possible.

Granted, you’ll get tired at intervals, but your child’s wellbeing will be of chief concern. So how do you manage life and work when you need to pay special attention to your newborn baby around the clock? It’s a hard question and one that’s almost rooted in modern times. Here we’ll explore a few tips and tricks to help you.

  1. Get Involved With a Support Network
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Look, your baby can’t grow up without you, or some adult acting as a mother would. Regardless of the independence of modernity, people still need each other. Parents need other parents and support networks. Whether you’re a single mom or not, you need a support network to work with.

This is important not just for your peace of mind, but to help you avoid issues that new moms face all the time. Also, in emergencies, you’ve got options.

  1. Secure as Much Leave From Work as Possible

Most businesses have maternity leave requirements, and on top of that, you might have additional accrued time off. If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, look into the maternity options of your job. A really wise step is finding companies who will honour your decision to be a mother in advance, and who won’t quibble about it.

  1. Optimize Childcare: Express Regularly, and Predictably

More efficient breastfeeding can save time, helping you balance better. Sometimes something as simple as practising the best breastfeeding positions for babies can help you express more by streamlining feeding.

Beyond expression, you’ll want to use other resources to help you optimize your effectiveness as a mom—like the aforementioned support groups.

  1. Consider Taking an Extended Sabbatical
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For some jobs, you have the option of taking a “sabbatical” that’s as long as a year. If you wait to take your sabbatical until right before you give birth, you can spend a whole year devoted to your newborn.

  1. Separate Work From Motherhood

Don’t bring work home, don’t bring your home to work. You need childcare options as necessary once your newborn has grown old enough, and you need to focus on the child when you’re at home. Separating the two helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance overall.

A Professional Mom

If you separate work from motherhood, consider taking a sabbatical, optimize childcare in terms of breastfeeding and elsewhere, secure as much leave as you can, and find support networks. Do as much and you’ll have fewer difficulties balancing motherhood and your career.

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