Oreo update

While we all wait to get the final verdict on the Pixel 2 from its users and the experts, one of the undisputed outcomes has been our introduction to the new Android version, Oreo.

First off, can we just give some respect to Google for researching up the names of candies to name their software after? If there is one thing that we know about Google it’s that all of the Android updates are better than their predecessors. Android Nougat brought us a bunch of features, including the ability to control 2 apps at once, assuming your android mobile phone is powerful enough to do so. This feature was formerly only available on computers and people thought that it couldn’t get better. But now it has. With the Oreo update, there are a lot of new features to be explored. We are going to be listing most these in this article.

First off, the settings menu has been completely redesigned. The settings menu has been kept the same for all the versions and I do expect a lot of people to be confused by this but we’ll adjust. The settings menu is now alphabetized and contains only 13 titles which mean that you won’t be confused by the plethora of settings to go to. The settings have also been redesigned which means that the icons will be different. The settings have also now got a sort of blue color theme.

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The next change is a kind of security change which might prove a bit of a problem to people like them… me. Now, if you want to download an apk file then you have to authorize each app separately. Any app that uses the internet will have to be authorized. This was actually the one better feature of android Nougat where you could just install all apk files with one quick swipe.

The next feature that definitely is a game changer is the picture in picture (PIP) mode. This mode lets you shrink down a video and drag it around your screen, even when you have closed the video app. However, you need to do a bit of tomfoolery to get this feature to work. Just search it up and you’ll be able to find what to.

The next feature is actually quite a small feature. This feature just lets you change the shortcuts on the lock screen. The means that you have a shortcut to whichever app you chose to be on the lock screen.

The android Oreo update adds in a junk file manager which cleans unwanted files, which can be helpful if your device is constantly filling up.

The Oreo update also adds in the ability to snooze notifications.

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The most useful option by far is the auto fill option. Gone are the days when you will need to read off the credentials of a debit card to enter into payment method. Now you can just enter your credentials once and Google will auto-fill them in whenever you need to do so.

Finally, a key point is that the update focuses more on the Bluetooth headset rather than the good old 3.5 mm jack. In fact, the Oreo update probably marks the decisive moment for the beginning of the end for the 3.5 mm jack, as other manufacturers will follow suit on the back of support for the Bluetooth headphones.