Amalgam Separators – Uses and Benefits

Amalgam Separators - Uses and Benefits

You should make sure that you know what an amalgam separator is and what it does. Also, you should know about the benefits that you can enjoy it, especially if the local dentists have one installed. Ensure that you ask your dentist if they are using one of these machines or devices to ensure that the particles of heavy metal aren’t getting into the water that is surrounding their offices. An amalgam separator is basically a solid collector that is installed on the vacuum line of a dental office. All waste amalgam is collected in this manner, and all the solid dental waste material is stored in a canister with the help of the force of gravity.

What Are They?

An amalgam separator is something that is created to help trap all of the waste water that is created during dental procedures. The water is trapped and then the particles of heavy metal are filtered out before the water is allowed to go into the surrounding sewer system. This is the best way for the dental offices to ensure that the water that is mixed with the heavy metal isn’t being directly put into the water, and that is recycled and used in the community.

 When Is Amalgam Used?

Before you can understand the benefits of an amalgam separator you need to know when amalgam is used and what it is. This is simply a combination of various metals that bond together so that they form a durable and extremely strong material for restoration of the teeth. They are often used for crowns or even for dental fillings in the back of the mouth where the pressure and biting forces are higher. This is often used in the teeth that are front facing and that are more visible.

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There are many benefits of using an amalgam separator, including the fact that it takes all of the particles of heavy metal out of the water. Here are a few of the top benefits to knowing when it comes to this device, such as:

  • Capture of the waste water that is used during any and all dental procedures, which prevents it from going directly into the sewer pipes that could be used in the community.
  • Water is filtered of all particles of many types of heavy metals that can cause illnesses
  • Helps with lowering the levels of bound mercury, copper, zinc, and silver that can get into the water treatment plants. This ensures that the water that we drink or use in the environment has much lower levels of any heavy metals
  • An affordable option for dental offices since the maintenance is simple and there aren’t canisters or filters that need to be replaced
  • Can be used for a single chair or multiple chairs in the same system

You should make sure that you know what an amalgam separator does and what benefits there are. Keeping our water safe for consumption and use in our everyday life is something important, which is why this needs to be used.

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 The amalgam separator is used when the dental offices are letting the water be captured after a procedure and before it is released into the sewer pipes. It works to take all of the particles of the various heavy metals out of the water before it is taken to the water treatment plants, which helps to ensure that there aren’t any heavy metals in the water that is consumed. They are easy both to install and operate. They do not separate the levels of mercury from other waste materials that go down the drain. You just need to replenish the container once it is full, depending on the practice of collecting waste.

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