How to Cure ACL Tears of Your Fur Baby With the Right Dog Leg Brace

ACL injury treatment

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in the hind leg region are familiar with dogs since your little fur buddies like to run and jump around.

Did you know that in 60% of the cases, a dog with a torn ACL can later injure the other knee? It is easy to feel helpless when this kind of injury hurts your furry friend. Fortunately, you can resort to surgeries to cure your dog’s ailment. If you wish to opt for a non-surgical solution, then a dog leg brace is an excellent option to help your puppy.

Leg Brace for ACL Tear

An ACL injury requires your pup to rest and stay immobilized, and in some cases, surgery for torn ligament repair. A leg brace acts as an ACL brace, offering therapeutic support, before and after the surgery. It works well, even if there is no surgery required.

Since a brace helps immobilization of the knee and leg, it reduces inflammation and is excellent support during the healing process.

Leg Brace to Make Your Dog Comfortable

A leg brace will allow your dog to be comfortable as they begin to heal from an ACL tear. These braces come in a durable and lightweight material that does not make your pet feel restricted during any movement. They alleviate your dog’s pain, and your pet can perform the same functions they did before the injury.

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Brace to Reduce the Risks of Further Injuries

Without proper support, your pup can repeatedly injure their knees or legs. A dog leg brace restores the injured leg quickly. It ensures your dog does not damage its other limb, during any movement.

In some cases, you can avoid surgery that can create further complications due to their existing medical conditions. Instead, wearing a leg brace can enable your pet to make progress with their mobility. 

Brace to Stabilize the Knee Joint

A non-rigid brace effectively stabilizes your dog’s knee joint. It limits flexion and extension, so that scar tissue forms a callus over the tear for healing.

A soft tissue injury takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Putting a brace on your dog’s knee will support them, over this period, and limited disability. 

Some braces use plastic to resist any motion, and it stays secure, ensuring consistent support, thus adding stability to the knee joint.

Customizable Braces, Appropriate for Dogs of All Ages

There are over 200 dog breeds, and a few standard sizes will perhaps not fit them all.

The unique design of the back-anchor support for the brace also supports the lower back and hip areas to reduce strain from limping.

Customized design fits the natural angle of the knee, to prevent it from hyper-flexing while still allowing limited mobility to your pet. The padding at the knee offers a more cushioned support. Also, the plastic parts on either side of the knee keep it in its natural position.

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An ACL surgery can cost from $1100 to $4500. And with the uncertainty that your pet may or may not recover completely after surgery, it does not make a cost-effective option. Depending on the severity of the ACL tear and your dog’s physical requirements, choose the best canine leg brace for your furry friend’s quick recovery. 

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