3 Practices for Building Higher-Converting Sales Funnel

3 Practices for Building Higher-Converting Sales Funnel

The fast-paced growth of the eCommerce industry coupled with the recent changes in search engine optimization is making it difficult for businesses to flourish like a palm tree. With every passing day, the challenges are heading higher in the corporate world; creating more trouble for online businesses.

Today, it becomes necessary for online vendors to cope with the ever-transforming market trends. Here comes the need for SEO to ensure your website visibility in the search engines; predominantly Google. SEO has one job – to bring organic traffic to the website where the target audience will get the products and services as promised by the concerned brand.

Now, in order to convert the potential prospects into buyers, you may need a landing page that, again, has one job to do – to convert. The process is quite complex to understand for a common man. Therefore, if you want to grow your eCommerce business like the cedars of Lebanon, then you need to consult a reliable SEO expert that will make this endeavour easy for you.

Remember, a bad user experience can drastically drop the conversion rates of eCommerce websites.

To avoid this predicament and stay at the apex of the competition, you need to answer a few questions from a consumer perspective.

  • Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly?
  • Can you easily navigate the website without getting lost?
  • Do you face difficulty in finding your desired product on the website?
  • Does the website suck your patience while loading the pages?
  • Do you really get what you are looking for, or just killing your time?
  • Does the shopping cart experience is easy-going or troubling you like hell?
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With all these questions, you can, now have a pretty good idea about the importance of the seamless user experience. Remember! Content marketing is a saviour to your digital marketing strategy. So, your website design and development must fulfil these basic requirements that every visitor desperately wants as soon as he comes across an online retailer. This means your website architecture must live up to the following factors.

  • Aesthetics
  • Usability
  • Efficiency

Just consider the dynamics of your website in the light of these elements and missing one thing means you will fail to convince the visitors to shop from you.

Mind it, a potential customer makes the buying decision in just a few seconds. If you cannot give him what he is looking for in this short time span, you cannot ever improve the conversion rate.

Improve the User Experience through Unified Framework:

Be aware of the following while designing your website.

  • Create a clear layout
  • Employ high-resolution images
  • Make the navigation super easy
  • Add simple forms (people hate complex forms)
  • Make sure your shopping cart isn’t collapsing at any point in time.

 Use Efficient and Easy-to-Search Call to Action Buttons:

Embed a proper call to action on your website that a visitor can easily find. All elements on your web pages leave a great impact on the overall conversion optimization. So, your CTA buttons should be efficient, without confusing the user. For example, downloading the catalogue

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Having refined CTAs means;

  • Proper contrast
  • Appropriate Size
  • Right Positioning
  • No potential misclick

 A/B Testing to Ensure Quality Control:

A/B testing is compulsory to determine whether the website is ready for the target audience without any potential failure. The web analytics tool can help you in this regard; you can use click and/or scroll Heatmaps.

User testing is a real saviour and should be run as soon as the design process is executed as it will help to optimize your site’s conversion rate.

In brief, consider things from the consumer’s point of view and fix the problems so as to transform your website into a higher-converting sales funnel.

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