10 Signs You Might Have Diabetes – And Not Even Know It

10 Signs You Might Have Diabetes – and Not Even Know It

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Diabetes (which manifests itself most commonly as the Type-2 variant) is an insulin-linked disorder which inflicts a number of health complications in the lives of its sufferers. Its link to excessive sugar & carbohydrate consumption is now well documented, and with a Cox Internet Service account, you can access many resources online to ascertain whether you’re due for a diabetes test at the clinic or not.

Understanding Type-2 Diabetes

In Type-2 diabetes, the patient’s cell insulin receptors start developing resistance to successive natural bouts of insulin, or the blood may be left with an insufficiency of the said hormone due to some pathophysiological problem with the pancreas (the primary site of insulin production). For this reason, diabetics may need to take regular insulin injections to metabolize their ambient blood sugar supply successfully, and to prevent it from being deposited in those bodily areas where it should not.

It is these undue glucose deposits (that are not being effectively catered to by bodily insulin) which start affecting the normal functioning of a patient’s eyes, limbs, and the groin region. Cases of erectile/vaginal dysfunction abound in Type-2 diabetes, leading many men and women being left unable to conceive children in the prime of their lives.

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Mismanaged Diabetes

Mismanaged Diabetes accrues a number of serious health issues in its wake, the most physically debilitating of which are traumatic limb amputations (of the hand and feet), and the significantly increased susceptibility of diabetic sufferers to the ravages of other health conditions like hypertension, certain cancers and a variety of infectious diseases.

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10 Warning Diabetes Signs to Check Yourself On

The following list presents a compilation of 10 commonly experienced signs of Diabetes that you need to check yourself on, and get yourself tested against (if many of them manifest themselves in your life).

  1. Sudden vision/eyesight problems
  2. Generalized numbness and/or tingling in the limbs and the body’s extremities (hands and feet)
  3. Skin irritability & itching (particularly centered around the groin area)
  4. Frequent urination and urinary retention
  5. Increased states of thirst
  6. Increased frequency of headaches
  7. Uncontrolled appetite (with frequent hunger pangs post-meal)
  8. Unexplained tiredness (fatigue)
  9. Drying the oral cavity
  10. Sudden weight losses or gains

The Importance of Holistic Treatment

In order to successfully beat diabetes in its tracks, it becomes very important to adhere to a holistic treatment lifestyle. This entails not only taking common diabetes pharmaceutical preparations, but also a number of health supplements (like Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cinnamon extract), as well as taking up timely physical activity pursuits such as jogging or swimming.

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But the most important aspect of any diabetes treatment schedule has to do with adopting a healthy dietary regimen – one which is devoid of too much refined sugars.

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