Why to Use an Encryption Software These Days?

Why to use an encryption software these days

Why to use an encryption software these days


Encryption is a process that helps you protect all your confidential files or folders quickly and efficiently. This method so far has been termed as the most reliable and dependable means of security and has surpassed or replaced the previously available methods of security. For example, back in the days, we used to utilize anti-viruses as we weren’t aware of other available options. Hence, our data was always present on our systems and the only security we had was of anti-viruses. However, they weren’t good enough and soon got breached by the prying eyes which made our data vulnerable and open to threats.

Then came in the encryption option which replaced all that was previously present. It started with Blowfish and Two fish but soon the two types got replaced with AES encryption. It stands for Advanced Encryption Standards having 256-bit encryption and is the most dependable form of security at the current age.

Why is it so reliable? It’s simple as the creators of this encryption having such quality standards have claimed that their creation is far from any harms and glitches. It has been said that if all the computers (in billions) are combined together along with all the human force to find ways how to break the encryption of AES, it would generate no success. However, if the attempt is made for as long as the billions of years (age of the earth) then one may be able to get past it but that even seems far from happening.

Why is there a need for an encryption software?

It’s simple. The world has evolved rapidly in the last few years and users have become more dependent on the technology and its advancements. These changes have made our lives a whole lot easier as now everyone is doing online. However, the same benefit brings some demerits along with it where our data is all compiled up online and is stored in a single space. This means that the hackers or the prying eyes no longer need to find where your confidential data is stored as all of it as either stored on your cloud account or your PC. Once the hacker gains access to your system, you are no longer in condition to keep control over your data and can be either blackmailed or embarrassed in this situation.

Here comes the encryption software which brings an option that restricts the prying eyes from decrypting your valuable data. For example, while using an encryption software, you enter a password to lock or encrypt it. Doing so only makes your data safer than before and makes it impossible for the hacker to get anywhere near it. To decrypt it, you need to enter your password which would make your data accessible and even unprotected. This is only meant to be used when you are in need of your data and once your work is done, you can always encrypt your data again without any issue. Hence, an encryption software is meant to make you feel relaxed while you have turned your back and not in control of your PC.

The topmost encryption software in 2018 are as follows

Folder Lock: A folder that has earned numerous awards in encryption category and also offers other useful features. It also offers the basic password protection feature but their encryption feature is rather more dependable than password protection.

AxCrypt: Another valuable name in the encryption category that uses AES 256-bit-encryption standard. AxCrypt also offers other features but is only known for the encryption services it offers.

VeraCrypt: VeraCrypt is another file or folder encryption software that helps you get rid of all the emerging threats easily and quickly. If compared, it doesn’t have much to offer apart from the encryption option.

Last words:

If compared amongst the three options, Folder Lock stands tall with the fact that it has a massive amount of features and is the most flexible to use. Moreover, Folder Lock is a one-time investment software which doesn’t ask you to invest again and again as it’s a lifetime investment.