The Four Baddest Cryptocurrencies for dApps You Must Know!

The Four Baddest Cryptocurrencies for dApps You Must Know!

The Four Baddest Cryptocurrencies for dApps You Must Know!

Considering that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that got the whole blockchain and decentralized app (dApp) train rolling, you’d probably be surprised to learn that this digital coin, the granddaddy of them all, may not be the leading blockchain vehicle in the next year or two. In fact, there are already four other cryptocurrencies that could very well take over the lead in total valuation thanks to, in part, how much dApp developers want to create dApps for them because the technology behind them is more advanced/useful than is Bitcoins.

The four cryptocurrencies that could replace Bitcoin are:


ETH is already the most popular platform for dApp developers around the world. This is in large part due to the fact that the folks behind Ethereum took what made Bitcoin such a powerful peer-to-peer vehicle and turbocharged it while at the same time making it easier for dApp developers to write code for it and create all sorts of new smart contracts for it.

In addition to being the blockchain technology behind numerous dApps, word is that there will soon be an Ethereum web browser, will probably be named Mist, that could very well change the way we all connect to one another since it will be able to serve as a decentralized internet. Now, that is a dApp, we can all be excited about, eh?!   


Hey, you’ve got to know that a crypto that was created at an MIT hackathon has got to be a powerful blockchain technology, haven’t you? Well, that is exactly where Siacoin got its start. Its dApp developers created Siacoin to be the planet’s leading cloud storage provider based upon blockchain tech. However, these dApp developers are not doing this by being the next, say, Dropbox. Nope, they are instead aiming to back digital service providers such as Dropbox and its peers.        

When you consider the benefits that blockchain technologies offer-the speed, security, privacy, and so forth-it is easy to see why dApp developers are big into Siacoin and its mission.


Statis has a lot going for it. First off, word is that it will soon release something called a breeze wallet, which very well could change how much security we demand when interacting digitally. Next, there is an army of dApp developers behind it to include some top people from Microsoft. And, finally, there are about the same amount of Stratis in circulation as there are of ETH. Yep, I truly believe that Stratis is ready to bust out big time!


Not many people know about NEO. This is understandable since it is still very young. In fact, it used to be known as Antshares. The dApp developers working on NEO are not bashful about their goals. They are building a platform that will meet future demands. Noam Levenson, CEO of Eden Block, sums up NEO as being a blockchain platform that “utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.”