How to protect your home
Home Improvement

Intruder Alert! How to Protect Your Home?

 Although the number of burglaries is at its lowest point in the last five decades, property crime still happens. Regardless of where you live, home safety is an important issue, and as a responsible homeowner, you should take measures of precaution to prevent burglary or even better, an attempt. Securing your home is a complex […]

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Software and Tools

Review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software

Whether you are a business owner or a college student, the chances are that you use a computer. However, did you know that a computer is vulnerable to all kinds of risks such as? Virus/malware attacks User error Physical damage Accidental deletion of data Data corruption Power surges Hardware failure No matter how careful you […]

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How Can You Keep Your Brain Young With Apps?

How Can You Keep Your Brain Young With Apps?

When you are a child, your brains worked to its full potential. You always asked for new information. As you become older, the brain also grew. You crossed the age of 50 years and now you face challenges such as loss of memory and concentration. Due to these two factors, you are facing stress. You […]

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How to Run Android Apps on Windows using Bluestacks

How to Run Android Apps on Windows Using Bluestacks

Have you ever thought of running Android apps on your computer? It’s super easy to run any Android app on your Windows-based systems for free. You can use a software called Bluestacks which is a free Android emulator and not a launcher or skin. This basically runs an Android-based system on a separate window. This […]

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What to Check When Buying a New Smartphone?

Choosing a new mobile can be a major test in these days since they are never again just used to make calls or send messages, yet offer an extensive variety of different conceivable outcomes which allow you to do regular tasks. The most incessant inquiry to a cell phone reviewer is “What mobile should I […]

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