Easy Steps to Download Videos From Facebook

Easy Steps to Download Videos From Facebook

In today’s world Facebook has become the most widely used as a social media platform in the world.  Facebook is the best social media stage where you can share your videos, photos and get few followers. The more and entertaining videos are getting uploaded on Facebook; more users want to download in their smartphone so that they keep a collection of offline videos and can watch later while there is no internet or while going on any long trip without using the internet. But unfortunately, Facebook does not provide any direct download feature.

There are different ways to Save Facebook Videos while you are using phone and laptop so that it might be a little bit confusing for the user. Especially while you are using the laptop for downloading the videos from Facebook, you don’t get any options for download directly from the facebook.  There are few ways to download your favorite videos from the facebook and store somewhere on your laptop. In this article, you will get few steps how you can download your favorite videos from the facebook to your laptop or smartphones and keep it safe in it.

Download or Save Facebook Videos to Computer

Here you can easily Save Facebook Videos to Computer without taking help of some software. This is an easy method as you download photos and videos from the internet. But there some disadvantages like you will not get the original quality of the video as it was uploaded. Here are some steps to follow for downloading the videos from Facebook to the laptop.

  • Step 1: – At first you have to log into your facebook account and go to your profile and select the photos and videos you want to download and click to open.
  • Step 2: – After opening the facebook, you will find the “photos” options where you will find your uploaded photos and videos. Choose the video you want to download.
  • Step 3: – After you have got your favorite video which you wanted to download, click on to select a “pencil icon” which you will see in the top right side of your display in the thumbnails. This is the place where you will get the options to save your videos in standard definition as well as high definition.
  • Step 4: – Select the quality format in which you want to download your video, and your download will start automatically in your browser. The standard definition will save your video in 480p, and the High Definition format will save your video in 720p.
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Download videos from your facebook to your smartphones

  • Step 1: – Open facebook from the Google browser and log in to your account. Don’t use facebook app for this.
  • Step 2: – Now search the video you want to download from the facebook. Once you found the video which you want to download, give a long press on your video until the window is popping out saying that “save the video.”
  • Step 3: – Hit on that option and the download will start automatically. Downloading of the video will depend on the speed of your internet and the duration of the video. It can take several minutes to get downloaded. This is the simplest way from which you can download the videos from facebook to your smartphones.

Download facebook videos with the help of online downloading apps

This is a simple option from which you can download your facebook videos very quickly and can get high-quality videos. Many websites for downloading videos from facebook are always available on the internet. Some popular online video downloader apps are Vid mate, Snap tube, etc.In an IOS device, there is no direct method to download the video from facebook. But you have the option to use the application known as “Downloader.” This downloader application operates the online video downloader in the Safari browser. There are many other applications in the app store which emulate the functions of a file browser in IOS. Download the facebook video from the online video converter application as you have downloaded from the other applications.

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